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Interesting thing about the truth: no matter how deep it is buried; it finds a way to reveal itself. Interesting thing about identity: we all struggle with it, and, ultimately, we accept it or continue to wrestle with it. Interesting thing about ... Read more


Is it possible for art to change our social and moral fabric? Robert Henri influenced the American art world in the late 1800s and into the 20th century with his rebellious approach to impressionism. Rather than the genteel ... Read more


The sun shone in a clear, blue sky overlooking Pearl Harbor. The day was quiet with many soldiers on leave. Battleships were lined up in a tight, neat row in the shallow waters awaiting the return of their full crews ... Read more

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What kind of artist gets Cs and Ds in art class? Denice Bizot chuckles as she takes me down memory lane during her time at Loyola University in 1998. As with most introductory art classes, students are required to work in every medium ... Read more

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The scene is reminiscent of an intimate, 1930s Chicago nightclub with the audience tightly packed around the performer. Small tables decorated with petite flower arrangements play host to VIPs. Heavy black curtains ... Read more


Backstage the atmosphere is like hanging out with the closest of friends, laughing and relaxing. As the clock ticks and show time draws closer, the improv troupe’s energy rises. Eight performers are now ... Read more

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As I enter Trousdale School, I am met by a smiling face and asked to sign in. The hallway is unusually quiet for a school full of students, but then again, this is no ordinary school. The Trousdale School in Cleveland ... Read more


A curious new art gallery has opened on Frazier Ave. on the Northshore. The Luminara Collection quietly opened its doors in November bringing with it a unique selection of art and craftsmanship—colorful, tiny ... Read more


It is not often that I get to hit record, sit back and enjoy an interview. It is not often that my imagination is provoked by simply listening to someone talk. And it is not often that someone is able to stop time ... Read more


Potter’s Field, thought to be one of the first, if not the first pauper’s cemetery located in Hill City, currently referred to as North Chattanooga, was a resting place for those who were unclaimed and penniless. Read more

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Chasing her sister with frogs, playing with “real” imaginary friends, and spending an immense amount of time at the ocean…it is easy to see the resulting effects of these times in Fennel Blythe’s artwork. Read more

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“Schindler’s List” was released in 1993, telling the story of Oskar Schindler, a greedy and selfish German businessman who ultimately does what is right by turning his factory into a safe house for Jews during World War II. Read more

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Admitting when one is wrong is a distasteful and unpleasant chore. I once had to explain to my grandparents why my 5-year-old brother was crying and holding his crotch after only moments before daring him ... Read more


Seductive poetry anyone? La-Tesia Poole and Erika Blackmon, two accomplished poets, have joined forces to bring a unique experience to the Chattanooga community. Read more

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