Chelsea Sokol en-us © 2014 The Pulse and Brewer Media. All rights reserved. Thu, 21 Nov 2013 00:00:00 GMT Is Hate Speech Free? Chancellor Steve Angle explains in a letter to students that the “itinerant preacher” is “associated with another preacher who recently prevailed against the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in a free-speech lawsuit.”

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Blankets From the Heart This Season Now, he sees that a single blanket or coat can change someone’s life—and is working to change the lives of Chattanooga’s homeless, one blanket at a time.

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Art Is For Everyone With the help of these individuals and organizations, they’ve created “Let Beauty Awaken,” a performing and visual arts collaboration designed to raise money and awareness for Hamilton County public schools.

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Yes, Minister This free lecture should be particularly interesting for anyone curious about Eastern European financial policies, which are often ignored by Americans who pay more attention to Western European news.

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(Be) Heading for Halloween Consult the Pulse’s calendars to review your options and create the best possible game plan for your Halloween festivities!

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Ballet Hispanico Storms UTC Founder Tina Ramirez, a Venezuelan-American dancer and choreographer created the organization to act as a community outreach program as well as an innovative dance company.

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The Mad Mask Maker After everything has had time to dry and, eventually, bake, Murphree can start painting the masks—probably the most interesting part of the process. Each mask has its own individual, marked characteristics.

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Go to The Garden Party However, this project won’t just be for sustainability. It’s all about image and community pride. Developing healthy relationships with food and with the community improves economic and physical health, as well as overall wellbeing.

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Time to Get Dead Again We regret to inform all of you that on October 5 at 3 p.m., the growing zombie population will convene at the south end of Walnut Street to invade and pillage downtown Chattanooga.

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All People Power on October 6 In a “gay-friendly, accepting community” like Chattanooga, explains Chuck Hill, Tennessee Valley Pride president of the last five years, community programs, events, and involvement can actually live up to their primary goal: to be all-inclusive.

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Farms Are Friends Bring a cooler—and small bills! At each farm, you’ll get to buy fresh products, and most farmers can’t accept credit card transactions. Make bathroom stops beforehand. Not all farms will have restrooms.

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Taking the Time to Ease Your Stress These workshops will cover all the stress-bases of city life—Mindful Based Stress Reduction, Mindful Communications, Mindfulness Based Eating, Mind-Body Skills, as examples.

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Bueller? Bueller? The movies are free and start at 8:45 p.m., but bring chairs and blankies as early as 7 to listen to music and enjoy some food-truck chow.

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Cool Old Cars Invade City! The cars have to be road-worthy, as their 500 owners will be driving them all over the area. Tours will include trips to Rock City, Chickamauga, South Pittsburg, Sewanee, Red Clay State Park and Cleveland.

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