Ensley McFarland

What’s better than burgers, beer, and your favorite local musicians? I’ll answer for you—nothing, because they’re all going to be in the same place. And yes, you read that correctly.  If you’re a Chattanooga local, chances are you have been to ... Read more

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The arts scene in Chattanooga is continuously evolving, and the clay arts have recently made a major comeback. There are various ceramic studios scattered across our local area, but Scenic City Clay Arts has a much bigger purpose. Not only is it ... Read more

Between The Bridges

Today the Hart Gallery is a well-established and respected art studio in Southside, but it started as a much simpler idea. Ellen Heavilon came across a mosaic sculpture in downtown and it gave her a unique idea. She wanted to give the homeless ,,, Read more

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Do you love live music, local punk bands, and jamming with strangers who quickly turn into friends? If you answered yes to all or just one of these questions, I have the perfect festival experience for you. Do Ya Hear We? is back for its twelfth ... Read more

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Townsend Atelier has been a staple in the Chattanooga art scene since its doors opened in 2007. They have recently relocated to the newly renovated Arts Building downtown, which features around two thousand square feet of beautifully lit studio ... Read more

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Leticia Wolf has an electric stage presence and a personality that is hard to miss. She grew up in Nashville, but has spent time in Austin, Los Angeles, and New York. Perhaps the most interesting thing about her is that she defines herself as a ... Read more

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In-Town Gallery is a Chattanooga staple for painting and pottery. This gallery offers one-of-a-kind art created by artists from the greater Chattanooga area. Whether you are looking to purchase art or try out creating anything from jewelry and ... Read more

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Lenox Hills band is the next best thing to hear in Chattanooga. It is a group comprised of Kyle Swenson, Packy Mullin, Kameron Dunn, and Luke Mullin, who are all from the greater Chattanooga area. They grew up in the same Cleveland, Tennessee ... Read more

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Improv Chattanooga is well-known in the area for attracting some of the best improvisors in the Southeast. Its main goal is to turn Chattanooga into a huge improv destination, similar to New York or Chicago. They welcome people of all experience ... Read more

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Jordan Hallquist is a singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Chattanooga. He began singing in his church at the age of three and was playing guitar by the time he turned twelve. His love for music runs deep, starting with his grandmother ... Read more

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The Chattanooga WorkSpace has been a staple in the area since it was redeveloped in 2012. It was originally a nursing home until Chris Thomas’ creative direction turned it into the spot everyone flocks to for local art. The space is used by an ... Read more

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Amber Fults has long been a force to be reckoned with. She is a young singer/songwriter from Rossville who has been both writing and performing her original works since 2005. She has been focused on making her mark in the Chattanooga area and has ... Read more

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