Paik, Ernie, en-us © 2014 The Pulse and Brewer Media. All rights reserved. Thu, 11 Sep 2014 10:01:32 GMT Salaam Bombast, Bionic Spiders Bombay Royale boogies Bolllywood, Bennett/Wright mind-boggle

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Sound Collecting, Friendly Declarations Courtis/Moore’s aural cornucopia, The Bats’ early tracks

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Tribute to a True Original In the year and a half since the passing of native Chattanoogan Dennis Palmer—musician, visual artist and educator—it has become abundantly clear that his influence and inspiration is still deeply felt in the community...

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Embracing Electronics, Hammering Gleefully Phil Kay invites escapes, White Reaper isn’t afraid to rawk

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Local Releases From Old-Time to Noir-Avant-Funk Chattanooga’s music scene continues to diversify.

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Otherworldly Hostility, Reverent Visions Ben Frost warps genres, The Soundcarriers are minty fresh

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Car-on-fire Bar Rock, Sleepless with Synthesizer Alien Whale throws bottles, Matt Berry embraces his synth geek

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Inventing the Convulsive Blues “Ideally, free improvisation perhaps should be a requisite course for degrees in sociology, psychology, political science, etc., since it involves all these areas, as well as sound production.”

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Underground Saudi Metal, Above-ground Free Improv "Saudi Arabian” and “black metal band” are not exactly words one expects to see placed beside each other, but, with the way Al-Namrood guitarist/bassist Mephisto puts it, it makes complete sense.

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Seabrook’s Sonic Shrapnel, Seymaili’s Saharan Spin Shred your ears or swirl to West African rock

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Psychedelic Folk-Rock, New York Garage Fuzz Kikagaku Moyo flits, People brashly explores

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Aural Alchemy at Barking Legs One reason Reed is drawn to experimental music is because “it’s more about feeling than proficiency” and that it offers “true freedom of sound and expression.”

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Fascinating Not-Rhythm Colpitts answered some questions via email for The Pulse in advance of the June 26 Man Forever concert at Sluggo’s North.

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Electronic West Africa, Thrashing New York Mamman Sani’s balladry, Period’s meaty outbursts

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Controlled But Passionate, Just Plain Badass Classical rockings in collaboration and some extra-bonus Miles

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Disorderly Dark Swans, Romping Bleeding Rainbow Punishing music gets uplifting, pop-rock gets in the garage

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Cheeky Goth/Industrial, Brash Garage Rock From Australia to Israel, feel the noize

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The Moon Shines in the Chattanooga Sky "If by the end of the concert everybody in the room comes together to some sort of understanding, that feels good to me.”

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Pushing the Boundaries of Music-Meets-Art The limited edition nine-volume cassette series Fits on the Life Like tape label, centered on the Michigan underground scene, is a multi-media project with a simple premise.

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Mix-up Meets Hip Hop, Drone Meets Sinister While Light Divide has a few touchstones of ambient music and ostensibly has a neutral attitude, ultimately it has a slightly sinister grip and disquieting undercurrent that doesn’t make for totally easy listening.

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