Gary Poole en-us © 2014 The Pulse and Brewer Media. All rights reserved. Thu, 16 Oct 2014 00:00:00 GMT Who’s Playing The Organ? With the Halloween season well upon us (in spite of all the Christmas displays at the various retail outlets), one of the most intriguing events has nothing to do with trick-or-treating, costume parties, or even zombies.

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Paper vs. Plastic: Is This The End? In my youth, those long-ago days of the 1970s, the only plastic you ever used at the grocery store was a MasterCharge or BankAmerica Card.

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From Reds to Dodgers to Twins It’s often been said that the best bang for the entertainment buck in town is a night out at the ballpark. The Chattanooga Lookouts ballpark, to be precise.

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Who Ya Gonna Call? Chattanooga’s ongoing love affair with free outdoor movies continues with the finale of the third go-round of “Movies at Center Park” this Saturday, Sept. 27, beginning at 7 p.m.

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“Can You Describe The Ruckus?” Chattanooga’s ongoing love affair with free outdoor movies continues with the third go-round of “Movies at Center Park” this Saturday, Sept. 13, beginning at 7 p.m.

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The Best Day of the Arts Year Celebrating galleries (and more) with the annual AVA Gallery Hop.

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A Frightening Ass Film Fest Do you love movies? Do you love scary movies? Do you love making scary movies? If you answered yes to all three questions, have we got an event for you: the Frightening Ass Film Fest Four.

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The State of the (All Kinds of) Arts Our annual State of the Arts issue focuses on our changing venues.

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The Future of the Internet "While the experts agree on the future, there is great debate about the wisdom of this progress.”

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Batten Down The Political Hatches It’s still a long ways away before we really have to pay attention. Or is it?

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Pedaling from Rails to Trails The three leaders are coming to Chattanooga at the invitation of local trails advocate Jim Johnson, whose company, BikeToursDirect, is underwriting the cost of their visit and is a leading corporate sponsor of Adventure Cycling.

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Scenic—But Also Unhealthy? So what’s going on? It certainly isn’t a lack of options for exercise, or availability of healthcare (we have a surprisingly large number of hospitals and medical facilities for our population size).

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"There's Nothing To Do In This Town" No, I am not normally the type of person who says things like “hogwash”, but if I wrote what I really say to those people, we’d have to place a Parental Advisory sticker on the cover of this issue.

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We Are All Bohemian If you're an opera lover, this is one of the "can't miss" events. If you've never seen opera, then treat yourself to the most popular opera of all time.

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REEFER MADNESS Two million dollars. One month. One state. And there were only 59 businesses in the entire state that were certified to sell marijuana when it officially became legal at the beginning of the year.

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A Glorious Western Mess When word first broke that Johnny Depp was going to star in a big-budget feature film update on the classic televison and radio serial "Lone Ranger", western fans around the world became very excited.

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Single Use, Many Varieties In fact, pretty much the only knock against single-serve brewers has been their cost. Even a basic machine can cost more than $100, and the individual packs can be a bit pricey.

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North Georgia's New Gold Rush Visiting the Consolidated Gold Mine, for example, gives you the opportunity to don a hardhat and venture down into the mine itself. Much of the mining equipment still remains, along with several visible veins of gold-infused quartz.

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Where to Stay, Where to Eat, What to See: North GA Lilly Creek Lodge, The Historic Smith House, The Crimson Moon Café, Cool Breeze of Dahlonega, Back Porch Oyster Bar, and much more!

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The Golden Age Of Television Is Now And let's not even mention shows with unimaginative titles such as Dads, Mom, and We Are Men. There are people who are getting paid to watch these shows. Let's hope they get their money's worth.

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