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The seniors in our community have played an important role in all our lives; taught us through their successes and failures; cared for us as parents and grandparents; and paved the way for us today. Now, it’s time to support those who once ... Read more

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Hoping for something a little more unique than dinner and a movie this Valentine’s Day? Or maybe looking for a fun way to celebrate Singles Awareness Day with your friends? For a truly stellar performance this Friday, go see Amber Carrington ... Read more

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“Take Five”, UTC’s beloved series is back and this semester is tackling the always relevant theme of family dysfunction. Spearheaded by Dr. Aaron Shaheen, “Take Five” is a series of presentations on five literary works, after which a panel of ... Read more

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If you like bluesy rock, feminism, and vocals that demand your attention, then Emily Wolfe is the perfect storm. Wolfe effectively mixes rapier wit and self-reflection to create provocative lyrics accompanied by guitar riffs that make you sway. Read more

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Thirteenth century poet Rumi wrote, “What is the body? That shadow of a shadow of your love, that somehow contains the entire universe.” Ask any artist, athlete, or medical professional and they’ll tell you the human body, with all its quirks and ... Read more

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