Jason Tinney

A good bowl of chili is like a good song—it tells a story. And like writing a song, cooking chili is an exploration. Start with a lyric or an ingredient, a loose melody or improvised recipe and go to town. Stir, simmer, step away. Come back and ... more

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Certified with a rare and distinctive expertise in cheese, Southside’s Bleu Fox packs a world of knowledge with local focus into their independently run shop on East Main Street in the Southside. “It’s almost like a little European street where ... more

Between The Bridges

It’s a bold choice. But hey, who wants to take in a movie when you can wield sharp objects on a first date? The floors inside the black box arena that is Civil Axe Throwing are dusted with shards of splintered wood. Armed with a one-and-a-half ... more

Between The Bridges

The soft, warm smoky dew drifts down from the brow of Lookout Mountain, mingling with a healthy dose of showers that greet the first morning of June. A lone turkey tip-toes along a tree line shouldering Chattanooga Creek as an indigo bunting ... more

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We stood on the sidewalk gazing at the wisteria tree. My partner Holly—a fitting name for the season—examined the tree as if it were a complex piece of modern Japanese art. Most of the leaves had fallen off by this Thanksgiving Day. more

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“There he is!” The velvet in Justin Michael Reaux-Colvin’s drawl and rollicking smile, intoxicating as a riverboat ride down the Mississippi, is an inviting welcome on a warm Friday evening. Stepping up to the bar at Beast and Barrel, though his ... more

Between The Bridges

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