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Other People’s Cheap Thrills

At times the film is hard to watch, and the experience of hearing an audience cackle at the revolting and horrifying situations that unfold onscreen can be jarring. But it’s well done, and has definite cult film potential. more »

Apr 17, 2014 by in Screen

New “Captain America” Reaches Beyond Comic Book World

Marvel films reach a much broader audience than the comics, so what can be explored in the glossy color pages of a series might not necessarily translate well to a major movie audience. more »

Apr 10, 2014 by in Screen

A Film Lovers Feast Is Finally Here

The CFF needs to become a part of Chattanooga, an institution as recognizable as the Aquarium, one that brings in as many tourist dollars as Rock City, and stands as solid as Lookout Mountain. more »

Apr 3, 2014 by in Cover Story

Dangerous Frog, Bacon Jokes—We Love Our Muppets

Much like the jokes packed into the opening song, we are reminded that the Muppets are a money-making franchise that will never be allowed to die with honor. There’s too much at stake for the shareholders of Disney. more »

Mar 27, 2014 by in Screen