John DeVore en-us © 2014 The Pulse and Brewer Media. All rights reserved. Thu, 11 Sep 2014 09:55:00 GMT Feuding Over A Fossil Named “Sue” This has been one of the more barren years for Hollywood film. Not much worth seeing has been released in theaters the past few weeks, beyond the re-released anniversary editions of ...

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New “Sin City” Is A Sexist Bore When the first “Sin City” came out, I was nearing the end of my critical theory class in college. We were assigned to take one of the varying critical approaches and apply it to piece of modern media.

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The People We Once Were “​The One I Love” is a film that illustrates the diversity of the romantic comedy category. A significant part of the film explores the differences between idealized versions of a partner.

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The Eternal Lightness of Growing Up Life is a collection of small moments that rarely add up to large ones. Very few of us will have a time when we stand against the world, battered by the storm, to be counted among those who have left a mark on history.

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Film Is Busting Out All Over The year since the last State of the Arts issue has been an exceptional time for film in Chattanooga. More than ever, there are unique and varied opportunities for film fans and filmmakers alike.

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Time to Have Some Comic Book Fun “Guardians of the Galaxy” is silly but satisfying...and a timely blockbuster

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The World’s Nicest Murderer Richard Linklater’s 2012 film “Bernie” is worth a rental

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Don’t Just Sit There—Embark Those planning to attend can expect to embark on a phantas-magorical journey through the rabbit hole.

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Never Mind the Bollocks, Here Comes “We Are the Best” They form their own punk band, having no musical ability to speak of, in order to sing songs about the tyranny of their gym teacher. All in all, the film is exquisitely adorable.

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“Groundhog Day: Alien Fighter!” “‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is a Tom Cruise #1 with a side of pop science, easily digestible—and quickly forgotten.”

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Wise Guys, Great Music Can’t Save “Jersey Boys” “It’s as if Eastwood had his own vision of the film and someone came in and told him that musicals usually have bright colors and dancing.”

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Psst…Wanna Help Make a Movie? "Chattanooga film fans have an opportunity to encourage and support filmmaking as an art form in a way beyond simple appreciation in a theater.”

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Shoulda Been Bad to the Bone "Giving her a back story and forcing her into a protagonist role makes the decisions made by her character nonsensical.”

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Simple But Tasty Summer Fare "The scene between Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. was especially sharp and funny, as finely crafted a piece of filmmaking I’ve seen this year.”

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Mutating the Past and Future "They are more than just a random collection of names with specific powers. They are people with pasts, family members and personalities beyond their mutant gifts.”

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Return Of The Lizard King The characters take the events in the film deadly seriously, which makes a film bordering on camp able to maintain its quality.

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Beautiful But Blank "Under The Skin” seems like a film that, as a critic, I’m really supposed to like. It is slow and ponderous, inscrutable and complicated the way some art is meant to be, and features a story that unwinds without spoon-fed explanations.

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Weaving Off Course "The Spirit” remains the worst comic book movie I’ve ever seen—but “The Amazing Spider-man 2” might be the most boring.

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Anderson Crafts a Perfect Confection in ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ The plot involves a morally questionable but charmingly effete concierge (Ralph Fiennes), one who takes too much pride in his work as the caretaker of his elderly guests, particularly the widowed and lonely.

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Other People’s Cheap Thrills At times the film is hard to watch, and the experience of hearing an audience cackle at the revolting and horrifying situations that unfold onscreen can be jarring. But it’s well done, and has definite cult film potential.

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