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Formerly known as Hatch, the spring festival launched last year at this time which aspired to birth a Spoleto-like event here, the essential concept of Spark is to create a weeklong festival that taps into two distinguished festivals... more

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Center Park is the vacant lot on the 700 block of Market Street and it is being officially repurposed April 12 as gathering place for the community. more

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The annual PBS KIDS GO! contest is right around the corner, and the list of prizes is enough to get the most television-loving second-grader to trade his Wii remote for a pencil and paper. more

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The coveted title of Miss Cheerwine is up for grabs again, but winning this year’s crown will be tough because the competition opened applications to five more semi-Southern states. more

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The Southern Lit Alliance will host the Celebration of Southern Literature for its 17th year from April 18-20, featuring the works of world-renowned Southern writers. more

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One user, “Nashgent,” states his net worth is up to $10 million, yet his monthly budget for Sugar is between $1,000 and $3,000. Obviously he never learned to put some of his income into a “just-for-fun” fund. more

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The Pulse certainly enjoys good theatre and is a strong advocate for the progression of arts and culture in Chattanooga—unless theaters (note the difference) become political and antiquated buildings sit unused most of the year. more

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Attendees will be exploring the museum’s basement, re-purposed for this event as an underground hub of art and culture. more

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While adults and college students were the primary activists in non-violent protests across the United States, high school students played a major role in the success of the Civil Rights Movement in Chattanooga. more

Hydraulic fracturing, better known as “fracking,” essentially entails drilling into shallow beds of energy-rich shale and injecting a mixture of water, sand and other chemicals to obtain more natural gas at higher and faster rates. more

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The Pulse dispatched its crop of fresh Spring interns to report on the vibe of Chattanooga’s downtown coffeehouses. Be sure and check out the behind the scenes video on how coffee art is created at Camp House Espresso. more

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“The French had courtesans. The Japanese had geishas... we now have sugar babies.” If you’re not sold yet, just think about all the student loans you can pay off after a few sufficiently awkward dates with someone 30 years your senior more

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