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If this news alarms you, you should consider rounding up the family (or flying solo) to attend the 13th Annual Honey Harvest at the Creative Discovery Museum on Saturday, July 27 and Sunday, July 28 from noon to 4 p.m. more

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If the thought of waiting until 6 p.m. for such a great event seems unbearable, fret no further! Shruptine’s Gold Leaf Designs gallery, one of the fundraiser’s sponsors, is hosting a pre-shrimp boil party from 4 - 6 p.m. more

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The convention will feature talented artists from top studios across the nation, as well as several local studios, including Rite of Passage (Market Street) and Ink Expressions (Ringgold Road). more

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This Fourth of July, round up the family and try something a little different by attending a special artillery demonstration at Point Park. After all, who needs fireworks when you’ve got heavy weaponry? The dull pop! of a firework seems somewhat tame more

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Being a geek could not only literally put a roof over your head, but it could also fill your pockets with so much cheddar that it might be prudent to buy stock in mousetraps. more

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In addition to brushing up on the standard lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) avoidance tactics, you’ll also have an opportunity to learn about snakebites, insect stings, inclement weather, and a multitude of other injuries... more

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Eric Scealf, front man for Chattanooga punk/glam rock band The Unsatisfied, has witnessed the growing pains and pleasures of the local punk scene since The Unsatisfied got their start by playing a house party one Halloween night in 1986. more

Chef Nick Goeller from 212 Market will be using local ingredients, including some from the museum’s rooftop garden, to show you how easy (and fast) it is to whip up something healthy at home. more

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If you are a sassy, philosophical, creative, unapologetic badass of the female variety who enjoys a frequent tumbler of Stumble Juice, the Whiskey Women want YOU. more

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When asked how the lineup was constructed, Nicole said they simply picked the musicians people in the EDM community would want to hear. Headliners include Helicopter Showdown, Dieselboy, and Run DMT. AFK, Cryptex, Megalodon... and many others. more


Jack of Jack’s Chattanoggins is a determined eighth grader, and he’s helping give childhood cancer the ol’ one-two punch, one shaved head at a time. more

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They came….they fought…and they won. By decree of the Tennessee General Assembly and with the official seal of Gov. Bill Haslam, Chattanooga Whiskey will henceforth be distilled in Chattanooga. more

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