Kelsey Fox

Have you ever wondered where songwriters got the inspiration for their songs? Puckett’s is hosting a new type of live music experience this weekend titled “Songs & Stories”, showcasing original songs and the ideas that brought those songs to ... Read more

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Sometimes there is an expectation for Broadway musicals to take themselves too seriously, but a musical called “Urinetown” is here to prove otherwise. The Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga will be putting on this quirky show this weekend, with a ... Read more

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Insane Clown Posse is coming to Chattanooga this Sunday, and if you are not sure who or what that is, buckle in. ICP is a hardcore hip-hop group based out of Detroit whose style is specifically classified as “horrorcore” because of their elaborate... Read more

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This Friday artist Jamie Jameson has a new gallery show going on, and if you’re wondering what kind of art to expect at this show just know Jameson is amazing at everything. The show at Frequency Arts will feature her prints, drawings, paintings ... Read more

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