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As we learned in last week's State of the Arts issue, Chattanooga has become a fantastic place for fans of independent and off-the-beaten-path films, in large part due to the work of the folks at the Palace Picture House. more

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One of my very first jobs in high school was working as a stock clerk for supermarket. Twice a week, there was a big “truck delivery” that needed to be sorted into stacks for each section of the store. In addition, the big cardboard boxes ... more

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It’s been just over two weeks since America woke to the sobering fact that billionaire businessman and reality television star Donald Trump was going to be the next President of the United States. It’s real, it’s happening, and setting aside ... more

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If you are a fan of robotic combat, you are likely aware of BattleBots. What you may not be aware of is that a local builder, Jason Brown, is part of one of the premier teams on the popular television show. We sat down with Jason to talk about ... more

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With respect to my esteemed Pulse colleague Terry Stulce, who wrote rather vehemently about the GOP convention in last week’s issue, I am not going to engage in a tit-fir-tat war of words while sharing my take on the Democratic Convention ... more

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Have you thought about buying an electric car? While the internal-combustion engine still dominates the automotive landscape, the appeal of electric and plug-in hybrids continues to grow, with sales of new vehicles averaging around 10,000 ... more

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Sixteen years ago, a group of local business leaders saw an opportunity to bring new life to the then almost dormant Southside. Chattanooga residents who have moved to the city in the past decade may not even be aware ... more

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This past Monday morning, thousands of Chattanoogans stumbled their way into work trying to adjust their body clocks to Daylight Savings Time, asking themselves “Why do we still do this?” Good question. more

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