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Do you love art and small caves? Are you interested in the work of Karen LaMonte? Do you lack a healthy fear of the Tennessee River? If you answered yes to at least two out of three of those questions, then you might enjoy this month’s ... more

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Think of the sounds of the south. For some of you, banjos and cicadas will immediately strike up a front porch band, or a lone cowboy will appear on the stage to regale you with songs of heartbreak and tractors. However, the cultural soundscape ... more

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Who’s ready for another history snack? Next Wednesday, Chattanooga Organized for Action (COA) will be hosting a walking tour of Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. While this tour will cover some ghosts of Chattanooga’s past, this is no ghost tour. more

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Have you ever wished that lizards were much bigger, and that they glowed in the dark? What about dragonflies? If this sounds like a dream and not a nightmare to you, perhaps you should check out the opening for Charlie Yowell’s “Light Play” at ... more

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Nashville based Americana duo The Traveling Ones will be traveling through Chattanooga to regale us with bluesy-folk power ballads from their first album, Meet Me There. The album, which the couple released in February of 2017, contains metaphors ... more

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In the past few weeks, the Trump administration adopted a policy of separating the children of migrant families from their parents, placing them in holding facilities or shipping them off to foster homes in Manhattan. The UN defines this practice ... more

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Sometimes art is very recognizable as capital “A” Art—we all recognize Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”, Monet’s “Water Lilies”, even Klimt’s “The Kiss”. Other times art is harder to pin down and exists across multiple media, claiming a more conceptual ... more

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It’s common knowledge that white Americans forced Africans to come to this country on slave ships until the slave trade was abolished in 1833. But, if you’re like me, you might have thought that white Americans were the only ones to own slaves on ... more

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For some of us, chamber music may seem like the far-off compositions of a by-gone era. This is just simply not the case. String quartets (and those who play them) are still alive and well, and vibrant, original pieces are still composed for our ... more

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Sometimes when I look at the sky on a particularly lovely evening, I think about how if I could paint anything in the world perfectly, I would paint clouds. I can’t paint to save my life, but with the help of Lisa Denney’s “Make and Take” ... more

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Imagine an empty parking garage: feel cool air hit your skin as your eyes adjust to darkness, listen as echoes bounce in all directions. Now, imagine a grand piano in that same space, accompanied by the smell of food and the flashing lights of ... more

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What’s more fabulous than a chorus of Southern gay men? A chorus of Southern gay men performing Broadway hits, of course. The Knoxville Gay Men’s Chorus embarks on their first ever regional tour this week, and Chattanooga is their first stop. more

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