Patrick Filbin

Great Bay looks back on the past, Julien Baker looks to a bright future more

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Hughes rocks it out ‘70s style, Side Affect wants us all dreaming more

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Simpson gives advice to his son, MacKillop gets introspective more

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The Normal Knees rock punk/grunge angst, Harbor keeps alternative/emo alive more

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Country Troubador Lee impress, Dream Jurnal gets down and dirty live more

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Homebody's sincere new EP leaves us wanting more, MCHF channels local chemistry more

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After nine years as the executive director of the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera, Molly Sasse French is out of the job she worked so hard to achieve. Not for professional reasons, management changes, or ... more

Between The Bridges 1 Comments

Drumming Bird delivers on new EP, Katrina Barclay sings with assurance more

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Two locals release new music definitely worthy of attention more

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On a Thursday afternoon in early autumn, Stratton Tingle finds 30 minutes of down time and decides to take a nap in his car. This morning, he woke up at 5:15 a.m. to prepare for a presentation to a possible investor ... more

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