Bailey, Rich en-us © 2014 The Pulse and Brewer Media. All rights reserved. Thu, 20 Nov 2014 10:18:00 GMT You’ve Got Moving! What could be more about brawn over brains than a moving company, right? A smelly diesel truck, a two-wheeled dolly and a pair of beefy guys beside you whistling while they work. And maybe breaking your stuff.

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(Phase) Shift Happens Welcome to the second half of The Pulse’s conversation with David Weinberger, Internet researcher and futurist who spoke at Chattanooga’s Startup Week, Mike Bradshaw, executive director of CoLab, and Nate Hill ...

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Stalking the Wild Phase Shift: Business Reimagined One of the highlights of Chattanooga’s recent Startup Week was a lecture by David Weinberger, Harvard researcher and author of “Too Big To Know”, about how the Internet has changed not just what we know, but how we create knowledge.

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If You Can Make It Here... What the heck is a Maker Faire? I’d call it the blissfully happy marriage of geekdom, shop class, the arts, and good old-fashioned crafts.

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Let Them Make (Startup) Cake Chattanooga Startup Week kicks off next week, with dozens of lectures and seminars aimed at young companies and the people who create them, as well as the presentation of the city’s first CHA Startup Awards.

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Starting a Company or Building a City? Gig Tank may get the headlines, with its mission to leverage Chattanooga’s gigabit Internet to create high-growth high-tech startups—but another Company Lab program called Co.Starters has been working longer ...

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Why Wait to Innovate? Right now the goal of the meetup community, and also of the entire organization, is to build the support system for kids who feel like they need to be doing something.”

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The Once and Future Barking (Legs) The legs are silent. For now. Barking Legs Theater went dark a few weeks ago for renovations. The iconic green legs that sprouted from the ceiling like dancing stalactites have been stored for safekeeping.

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Bold Ideas Before Age 20 Maybe those darn kids really are our future...

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Connecting Garage Innovators and Industry 3D printing is catnip for the investor angels

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Parks Prescription to End Childhood Obesity Diego created a referral system that allowed doctors to ‘prescribe’ an after-school exercise program and let parents get reimbursed by an insurance company.

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The Telltale 3D-Printed Heart Is Really Here Based on your scan data we can, essentially, take your heart out of your body and hand it to a surgeon.

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The Product is the Teacher "Wellness is not the opportunity in health care. Well-being is the opportunity. Kor facilitates a sense of well-being if you use it.”

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Feetz: Digital Cobblers "A customer will download a mobile app, use it to take photos or videos of their feet and send them to Feetz.”

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Avant-Tiki “There’s something very genuine in these expressions, very bare, very naked, and certainly pretty unusual.”

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Civic Hacking at Hackanooga "Geeks with wicked skilz who do this stuff for a legal living give up a weekend to help create community projects.”

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Embracing Unfortunate Beauty “It almost looks like some crucifixion scene or some kind of odd taxidermy display,” he says. “It kind of makes you call into question what a pool is, or it’s a pool that’s sort of like escaped.”

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Curating Tech Talent Lamp Post Group may be the most intriguing player in Chattanooga’s growing tech/entrepreneurial ecosystem. As a venture incubator, it combines the functions of two essential ecosystem pieces—venture capital and startup mentoring.

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Have to Be Zine to Be Believed She loves not only the professional tools of design—typography, images, page layout—but also sharing that world with people who venture into it as nonprofessionals.

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Keeping the Web Flexible and Accessible to Everyone This kind of web design is guided by the search for what he calls “pixel perfection” in which a web page needs to look pixel perfect and absolutely identical in every browser.

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