Bailey, Rich en-us © 2014 The Pulse and Brewer Media. All rights reserved. Thu, 17 Jul 2014 00:00:00 GMT Parks Prescription to End Childhood Obesity Diego created a referral system that allowed doctors to ‘prescribe’ an after-school exercise program and let parents get reimbursed by an insurance company.

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The Telltale 3D-Printed Heart Is Really Here Based on your scan data we can, essentially, take your heart out of your body and hand it to a surgeon.

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The Product is the Teacher "Wellness is not the opportunity in health care. Well-being is the opportunity. Kor facilitates a sense of well-being if you use it.”

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Feetz: Digital Cobblers "A customer will download a mobile app, use it to take photos or videos of their feet and send them to Feetz.”

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Avant-Tiki “There’s something very genuine in these expressions, very bare, very naked, and certainly pretty unusual.”

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Civic Hacking at Hackanooga "Geeks with wicked skilz who do this stuff for a legal living give up a weekend to help create community projects.”

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Embracing Unfortunate Beauty “It almost looks like some crucifixion scene or some kind of odd taxidermy display,” he says. “It kind of makes you call into question what a pool is, or it’s a pool that’s sort of like escaped.”

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Curating Tech Talent Lamp Post Group may be the most intriguing player in Chattanooga’s growing tech/entrepreneurial ecosystem. As a venture incubator, it combines the functions of two essential ecosystem pieces—venture capital and startup mentoring.

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Have to Be Zine to Be Believed She loves not only the professional tools of design—typography, images, page layout—but also sharing that world with people who venture into it as nonprofessionals.

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Keeping the Web Flexible and Accessible to Everyone This kind of web design is guided by the search for what he calls “pixel perfection” in which a web page needs to look pixel perfect and absolutely identical in every browser.

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Still Crazy and Pagan After All These Years The uproar from the audience was so loud the dancers couldn’t hear the music. A few dozen people were ejected, police may or may not have been called, and enough order was restored for the performance to finish.

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Renaissance Gumbo from a Word Chef “I said yes to every opportunity that came through the pipeline,” he says. “And that laid the foundation to everything I’ve been able to do since.”

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Let the Sun Shine on City Data After the tornadoes of 2010, the Ochs Center reached out to Ryan and other civic-minded data nerds to help local governments, and the advocates for opening data wound up creating data.

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Possibilities from Impending Failure She’s become known for layered 2-D abstractions on large canvases, mostly in a dark color palette, with layers of overlapping and obscured shapes and words, but she wanted to push herself far outside her artistic comfort zone.

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Computer Code, Meet City Code Is the point of this digital “year of service” making the mechanism of government a little more efficient, or is it about finding some kind of civic killer app, bringing some of the digital mojo of the business startup world into city government?

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New and Neolithic Halligan talked to me about his sculpture last week at its new home, while walkers and tourists passed by on the First Street pedestrian way between Market Street and the Walnut Street Bridge.

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Return of the Native Web Designer After graduating from UTC with a BFA in graphic design in 2003, he worked in Atlanta, Birmingham, Baltimore, Portland and Berlin. Last year, he moved back to Chattanooga to join the growing technology and startup community.

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Enter The Unicorns "GE told us they'd like to hire every single designer we could produce," says Jensen-Inman. "All of these people, they just don't want to hire one person, they want to hire lots."

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What Comes After Darkness If anything he says, his latest book is not as dark as the previous two or three, the poems “a little more sure of their way of overcoming some of the darkness.”

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Net Neutrality Harrison wants to see a tendency toward net neutrality, but without putting too much restriction on carriers. And he thinks ultimately, the free market Internet will work the problem out.

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