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Anybody want to be a hero? If so, Brad Tipton would love to meet you. Tipton is captain of the Cliff/Cave Unit of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Rescue Service (CHCRS), which he describes as the best qualified ... Read more

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This is the time of year when you can’t open a magazine without seeing “Before Jeans” photographs. You know the ones. They illustrate ads for diet products or features about fitness. Read more

Between The Bridges

The Chattanooga Market winds down for the year this weekend—but on both Saturday and Sunday, Santa Claus, live music and over 170 vendors will be on hand to cheer your last-minute holiday chores and to help ... Read more

The Bowl

Goats are personable. Do you need one? If you live inside the city, probably not. Chattanooga has an ordinance forbidding goats on properties smaller than five acres, and realistically you’d need more than that. Read more

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Diabetes, which afflicts almost a tenth of the American population, is a serious disease that can result in blindness, amputation, coma, kidney failure and heart failure. Or not. Read more

Between The Bridges

Dog is man’s best friend, right? So why doesn’t man ever take dog out for a beer? If that bit of unfairness has been inflaming your social justice gland, McKamey Animal Center has just the fix this Saturday ... Read more

Between The Bridges

This Friday, Sept. 18, is Chattanooga’s eighth annual “Parking Day,” when residents of all ages are invited to come downtown and play in the streets as the city’s metered parking spaces become tiny, infinitely varied parks-for-a-day. Read more

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Looking for a hike in or around the Chattanooga area? Three words: Oh. My. God. Selecting a hike around here is like finding a loaf of bread at Publix: You may have a psychotic episode from too many choices. Read more

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In researching “hikeability” in and around Chattanooga, I found one glaring contrast: In Chattanooga, there are miles and miles of eminently accessible hiking, with more on the way. Read more

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Spring is coming. Do you hear the siren call of dirt? Do you catch yourself pawing through gardening magazines? Do your fingers itch for a trowel? Do you feel if you can’t get outside and plant something right now ... Read more

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Virginia’s Tom “Professor Apple” Burford, author, horticulture historian and cider maker extraordinaire, will be at Chattanooga’s Crabtree Farms on Saturday, Mar. 7, to teach a workshop on grafting apple trees. Read more

Between The Bridges

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