Sam Hilling

Quick—what do these three phrases have in common: “a cappella,” “historical scholarship,” and “Christmas season”? Give up yet? The answer is Anonymous 4’s upcoming performance “The Last Noel” at St. Paul’s. more

Dec 2, 2015 1:41 PM News & Notes

Eggnog, it seems, is a polarizing subject. I’ve never met someone with neutral feelings on it. Either they whisper, “I love eggnog…” with a manic gleam in their eye, or they exclaim, “Eggnog is disgusting!” with Grinch-worthy hatred. more

Dec 2, 2015 1:33 PM Mixology

We’ve got lots of holidays during the year—days for thanking, for shopping, for tricking and for treating. So why not one more day, this time for giving? Not just to those we know, but to everyone. That’s the idea behind #GivingTuesday. more

Nov 25, 2015 1:26 PM The Bowl

Looking for an alternative to the Black Friday tornado? If you’re trying to redirect your attention away from the post-Thanksgiving whirlwind of retail this year, River Gallery has your back. more

Nov 25, 2015 1:22 PM News & Notes

I know what you’re thinking…it’s November and it’s finally too cold to go out for ice cream. Aside from the fact that it’s never too cold to go out for a frozen treat, you’ll be glad to hear that The Ice Cream Show has plenty more to offer. more

Nov 18, 2015 12:12 PM Chow Spotlight

A shopping marathon at Hamilton Place can leave you tired of chain stores and franchise fast food—so visiting The Acropolis after is like a breath of fresh air. more

Nov 18, 2015 12:12 PM Chow Spotlight

At the risk of sounding cheesy, it’s getting to be that season again—the season of giving. Whatever you celebrate, it’s the time of year when there are tons of fundraisers aiming to make sure people have a happy holiday. more

Nov 18, 2015 12:12 PM News & Notes

The Long Island Iced Tea is a drink with a controversial history. It has two competing origin stories, tracing it back in one case to the Long Island we all think of, in New York, and another to right here near home. more

Nov 18, 2015 12:12 PM Mixology

We all love beautiful accessories at affordable prices—so what if you could have a gorgeous tote bag and support the efforts of marginalized and refugee women at the same time? Better yet, the cause also comes right back home to Chattanooga. more

Nov 11, 2015 1:49 PM The Bowl

What exactly does one do while one waits? Is it best to inspect a root vegetable? To remove one’s shoes? To discuss the logistics of one’s own death? more

Nov 11, 2015 1:43 PM News & Notes

This Friday at the Tivoli, get ready to witness a show unlike any other. The Illusionists are seven performers known worldwide for their mind-bending, death-defying acts—and now they’re bringing them to Chattanooga ... more

Nov 4, 2015 2:57 PM The Bowl

Next Wednesday at the Tivoli, settle into your seat to listen to a full show of Boz Scaggs’s crooning, jazzy style. The music will have you tapping and nodding along to the sounds of his classic tunes—but never dozing off. more

Nov 4, 2015 2:44 PM News & Notes

Take a jump to the left and a step to the right and head down to The Honest Pint this Friday for a showing of everyone’s favorite Halloween cult classic. That’s right—we’re talking Rocky Horror. more

Oct 28, 2015 4:06 PM News & Notes

A tip for your fall fun outings this season: the buddy system works best when at least one of you has some basic navigational skills. In fact, it doesn’t work much at all if both of you are bad enough you’ve gotten lost ... more

Oct 28, 2015 4:00 PM Fun

This Sunday, the Chattanooga Market is hosting a performance you won’t want to walk past. For the first time ever the city will have a “buskers’ festival,” where street performers of all types will come together in one ... more

Oct 21, 2015 12:38 PM News & Notes

It’s time to come together again as a city and do what we do best—save a piece of our history and make sure many kids to come can have the same fond memories. Reviving the Pumpkin Patch Playground after 20 years of loving use ... more

Oct 21, 2015 12:38 PM The Bowl

If you’re looking for a little bit of small-town spooky this October, Ringgold’s Haunted Depot is your place. Outside, the Depot has a harmless fall vibe going. Inside...a different story. more

Oct 21, 2015 12:38 PM Fun

Get a little twisted this week at the Ensemble Theater of Chattanooga with their special production of three shows, together called “Tales with a Twist.” The three pieces are unconventional takes on traditional fables. more

Oct 14, 2015 3:45 PM News & Notes

Are you ready to drop into your worst nightmare? Then Rock City’s Halloween special is waiting for you. Slide down into the depths of their haunted tunnels to visit the VOID at Blowing Screams Farm. more

Oct 14, 2015 3:07 PM Fun

Hamilton County’s “fall break” dates this year line up with a rare local opportunity. Thursday, Oct. 8, is the only night of the year campers will be able to spend a night under the stars at Greenway Farms in Hixson. more

Oct 7, 2015 12:19 PM The Bowl

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