Cooper, Zachary en-us © 2014 The Pulse and Brewer Media. All rights reserved. Thu, 20 Jun 2013 00:00:00 GMT Brave Souls, Brave Sound So you get some interesting combinations. You also butt heads a lot, so we never collectively say, "We want this song to sound like…” We all bring a lot of different ideas to the table.

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Journalist eyes Chattanooga for Monocle report While in town this month, Gee visited local businesses and start-ups to survey the core of what the city has to offer to the world.

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The Pulse 10th Anniversary: Greatest Hits—Timeline Recalled with near-alarming accuracy by Zachary Cooper

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A Letter from Zachary Cooper As many of you know, this December marks the 10th anniversary of The Pulse. As one of the founders of this publication, I can truly say I have enjoyed my work with the people and fellow collaborators who have contributed over the years.

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Dave Brubeck’s Local (choral) Connection The news of Dave Brubeck’s passing reverberated around the world last week and was felt by many here in Chattanooga for a very particular reason other than Brubeck’s more well-known musical contributions.

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Enzo’s Oil New market overdue, but why no local lender?

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Scenic Site Matches City New city website worth the price

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Pedaling Into the Future Out of all the developments in the past 20 years in our downtown area, this is one that would have seemed the most unlikely among Chattanooga’s major revitalization efforts.

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Local Food, Local Rewards Community markets, vendors offer fresh new tastes, ideas

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HATCH'd A festival whose time has come—quickly

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Strut Slam Fans vow to back "Occupy MLK" event

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Respect, Richly Deserved Google “Wayne White,” or even better, “Wayne White George Jones Head.” Enjoy.

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Eat Here Now When it comes to food and beverage, what other aspect of our economic fabric do we interact with on a more regular basis with our cold, hard, and of late, limited cash?

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WTF? Node makes sense.

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Future Islands: Past, Present, Future We speak to the voice of Future Islands, Samuel Herring, about signature sounds, creative control and lyric composition.

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Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan Competing regional planning teams are bidding for leadership. Your participation is requested.

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48 Hours: Wind Up, Pitch Start up pitches and regional planning efforts top our news section this week.

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Here We Are Now, Entertain Us 2011 has been an eventful year of discussions, ordinances, hand-wringing and city council discussion about bars, nightclubs and live music venues. Earlier this year, the council approved a change to the fire code, at the urging of the city’s fire chief, to require existing establishments to install fire-suppression sprinkler systems. That fight has been chronicled here in The Pulse and elsewhere to a great extent. It was a big deal. Still is, in the sense that we will have to see how these establishments deal with the requirements as we approach the deadline for installing these systems in 2012.

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