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Cherry Street Tavern To Host 5 Minute Film Fest On Saturday, November 25

Calling all filmmakers and movie enthusiasts: the Cherry St. Tavern is hosting the 5 Minute Film Fest on Nov. 25 at 6 p.m. What is the Five Minute Film Fest? It’s a short film festival designed for movies five minutes ...

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A special fundraising event for the documentary film “On The Line” by Rachael Porter, presented by Be the Change Youth Initiative, will be coming to the ClearStory Arts Gallery on Friday, November 17th ... Read more

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With rows of larger, more comfortable seats freshly installed, the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX 3D Theater is wasting no time kicking off a packed-out November screening schedule with a “big bang.” IMAX’s latest ... Read more

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Anyone who’s booked a flight in the last couple of decades has undoubtedly felt the literal squeeze of stuffed themselves into airplane seats that seem to crowd inexorably closer together. The Tennessee Aquarium ... Read more

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“Beautiful Faces,” the latest documentary by UTC alumnus Dagan Beckett, will have its premiere Chattanooga screening on the UTC campus. In “Beautiful Faces,” Beckett—who received bachelor’s degrees in ... Read more

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Five Jewish-themed, award-winning films produced in the France, Israel, Poland and the United States will be shown in-person and virtually on five consecutive weeks beginning Sunday, October 15 and ... Read more

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This month, the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX Theater is hosting a long-awaited remaster of one of the greatest concert films ever made, as well as offering fans a second chance to see the year’s highest-grossing film ... Read more

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