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Ned Abernathy Named Tennessee Songwriters Week Finalist At Songbirds In Chattanooga

One of seven Tennessee Songwriters Week finalists impressed the crowd on stage at Songbirds Guitar & Pop Culture Museum in Chattanooga this week as Ned Abernathy competed against 10 other songwriters ...

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As part of its continuous economic research efforts, the Chattanooga Tourism Co. has partnered with Convention Sports & Leisure, International, a leading advisory and planning firm specializing in consulting ... Read more

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Chattanooga Presents and SoundCorps have issued a call for local bands to participate in the 2024 Road to Nightfall band competition, made possible by Yuengling Flight. Up to thirty participating bands will take place in the series scheduled to ... Read more

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If you saw Cody Ray’s performance at Yellow Racket records last Saturday, you saw a show full of quiet intensity. He confessed his discomfort with stage banter, and sang most songs with his eyes firmly closed ... Read more

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Celebrate the craft that put Tennessee on the map during Tennessee Songwriters Week. In late January, more than 1,200 songwriters performed at nearly 50 qualifying round venues across the state ... Read more

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Jaron Utt was afraid nobody would come to the concert. There were three bands on the bill, but they were all locals.  There was no sexy touring band to whip up a sense of urgency.  And the concert itself was ... Read more

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For Chattanooga songwriter Nic Bevins, the love he feels for music is inseparable from the love he feels for his grandfather. “He’s the reason I play music and write songs,” Bevins said of a childhood filled with ... Read more

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