Delights of a Perfect Duo



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Thank You From The Road Runners

Marc, thank you for listening to our music and sharing your thoughts with us. It is a well written article and does an excellent job of conveying what we do and who we are. We see it as an honor to be featured in Chattanooga's go-to entertainment news source and we applaud the efforts of everyone at The Pulse for keeping the heart of the local scene steadily beating! Woody, thank you for the support and the kind words. We value our friends, family and fans more than could ever be shown in this text box! More to come, guys! We are excited for what is to come and we are dedicated to helping the creative community of this beautiful city thrive and flourish!

The Road Runners more than 7 years ago

The roadrunners

These two James Lowery and Tara Danielle bring that certain something to the music they play whether its one of their own originals or a cover like " house of the rising sun " that makes them stand out from the rest like "Simon and Garfunkel with a hint of Rogers waters".or Peter,Paul and Marie mixed with some pearl jam " their melodies and harmonies mix well along with thought provoking lyrics and a slightly haunting sound will leave you wanting to hear more .

Woody Frasher more than 8 years ago

Well Written And Informative

Love the article, the writing is fantastic! Marc, you did a fine job of painting images with your words. I think I'm officially a "Pulse junky" because ever since I read this, I keep going back to read more and more of the archived issues! Thank you to Marc and everyone else with The Pulse for your contributions to our creative community! Keep up the excellent work!

James Lowery more than 8 years ago


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