Infinity Dance Connection: “Where the Possibilities Are Endless”



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Best Studio Ever

This article is so on point about this amazing studio!
Mr.Tony & Mrs.Rachel is more than Dance Teachers they are like second parents to our babies (my Granddaughter Harleah).
My little Granddaughter Harleah started a summer Princess class at Infinity 1year ago and we just never left.
Infinity has helped Harleah mature Harleah
in many ways as in big girl confidence during potty training, confidence in showing Harleah that she is able to take on task without me stuck to her hip & much more.
Mrs. Rachel literally takes time out of dance class to figure out problems if our littles are crying over simple problems such as (hey my arm want do what yours is doing).
Something that simple makes a huge difference to us parents.
Mr. Tony always has a smile on his face as does his wife when each child walks through the front door of class each day!
AGAIN, I could literally go on & on about the small Dance Company that I call my second home for my Granddaughter ♥️.
This Article Makes My Heart Happy & I Thank You For Taking The Time To Acknowledge How Awesome This Studio Is!

Heather Knight more than 1 year ago


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