A Water Management Threat?



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UPDATE: Already violating state law

TDEC has already issued a notice that Bob Martino is violating state law in regard to his property development project. We were told everything would be done by the book and properly in regard to TDEC regulation and law, but that turns out to be false. They have begun moving dirt on the project area "without proper coverage" per the notice.

Audra Layton more than 3 years ago

You're Missing the Point

The whole point of Bob Martino's development isn't to field a soccer team. It's to make money on a land development. That's how he's made his fortune - he's a real estate developer. He's never owned a sports franchise before. If you take away his ability to make money off the land, then there's no reason for him to do anything here. The tax incentives he's getting are the reason he's building all this in East Ridge. It's a shame ER has such low-lying land, but maybe God should have thought of that before he let the State of Tennessee funnel tax money to developers building in border towns. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Damon Crumley more than 3 years ago


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