Nine Hours To Change The World



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Getting out

I definitely feel the depression/muse/anti-depressants problem, and it's thrilling to see a game touching so many aspects of society. Getting people moving and outside and interacting has a great impact on the individual and hopefully on society.

Matt Miller more than 6 years ago


Motivation is great. John, I'm glad you got motivated. Now do a story about a world where Pokemon Go apps are used across the board to motivate people.

Alan Kellogg more than 6 years ago

Re SF sorta predicting this...

Vernor Vinge anticipated Augmented Reality gaming outdoors in Rainbows End, along with other things starting to rear their heads such as driverless cars for hire, not as gee whiz things but in practical, realistic terms. Marooned in Real Time had an interesting take on advanced personal security drones.
BTW loved Black Tide series.

RJ more than 6 years ago

Pokemon Go Bike

As a fifty year old (novice) writer with bad knees, I've found my Pokemon by biking downtown in my small town and harvesting the half-dozen pokestops there in a rough circle. Peddle, harvest, peddle, harvest, peddle, harvest

Lynn Wahl more than 6 years ago

Lewis Carroll might have said...

"It had softly and silently vanished away
Pokémons are all boojums, you see."

Mark Sinden more than 6 years ago

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