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Conservation Work Continues At The Tennessee Aquarium

From a devastating earthquake in Peru and deadly cyclone in Pakistan to the rolling boil of the Cold War and the disbanding of The Beatles, things weren’t going exceptionally well for the world in 1970.

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Robert Sparks Walker is perhaps best known as the founder of the Chattanooga Audubon Society. His significance to conservation efforts led the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation ... Read more

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One cold, bright Saturday, members of Barley Mob Brewers, a large homebrewing club in Chattanooga, sit around a long table at Hutton & Smith. The ambience is half April-colored sunshine, half cave-cozy. Around the table, beers stand in various ... Read more

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Witnessing three does cross the two-lane mountain road and only encountering three stop lights on my one-hour drive, the journey to the Rising Fawn Studio Tour was as inspiring as the artists I encountered. Green pastures (and all green lights ... Read more

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I was having a conversation with a physician friend recently. He’s in top notch physical condition, and it shows. You know the type—one percent body fat (not really of course), toned, muscled, full head of hair (well okay, that’s my issue), and a ... Read more

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There was a seventeenth century poet from Japan named Matsuo Basho who wrote a short sketch called “A Visit To Sarashina Village”, which begins by saying: “The autumn wind inspired my heart with a desire to see the rise of the full moon over ... Read more

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I love watching her sleep, listening to her deep breaths like the purr of a cat. I love the moment when she wakes, slips closer to my chest. I’ve never fit with anyone the way I fit with her. Clicking together like snaps on a western shirt. We ... Read more

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