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Facts of Pho

2009?? Poor souls,I've been eating it here in town for 20 years at friend's houses for breakfast after a night of many other dishes,try the Viet Bistro in Dayton,get the Lau (hotpot),chi-vit,ca-vit,cho-yo,they'll cook quail if ya give the a couple of days notice,beat that Sarah,lol
Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

Don more than 10 years ago


Believe it or not, Thai Rain on Shallowford has the best of the Pho in town out the 3 places I've found it here. On the menu it's just called Beef Noodle Soup. I'm from So Cal specifically close to Little Saigon in Orange County so I've had my fair share of fantastic Pho. It is hands-down my favorite dish.

Stephanie Teisl more than 10 years ago

Excellent Article

Thank you sir for sharing the glory of Pho with Chattanooga. During road trips to visit friends in Indiana we pull into a strip mall in Louisville, KY to get our Pho fix on the way there and on the way back. I'll be going to Seoul this weekend to get my fix! The vegetarian in me will just have to studiously ignore whatever the base of the broth is and just enjoy the experience.

Lucky more than 10 years ago

Where to get pho

I mentioned at the end of the article that Seoul Restaurant on Perimeter Drive as my favorite out of the only two places I have found in town that serve pho - the other is Old Saigon on Dayton Boulevard. Take a big appetite!

Mike McJunkin more than 10 years ago

Where in....

Chatt can I get this soup!!!???

Mary Norton more than 10 years ago


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