Report: Financial Pressures Mount For Hospitals, Putting Patient Access To Care At Risk



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I went to my area hospital in a small town for post menopausal bleeding. They did a quick test and discovered a mass. They sent me on my way with info on uterine fibroids and told me to find a specialist. It took me a year without insurance to find someone to biopsy the mass. It was cancer of course as this is the number one symptom to uterine cancer. I now have cancer cells in lymph nodes found after a total hysterectomy. Had the hospital not tried to get the uninsured person out as fast and cheaply as possible my outcome could be much better. Profits before people at this hospital. I found another hospital that put people first finally. But it may be too late now. The biopsy did not require any surgery just a quick snip of the area the doctor was already at.

Small hospitals are no longer non profit

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