The Ballad of Cadillac Dave: A Saga of Journalism, Drugs & Redemption



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Cadillac Dave series

John Wheeler and I were in the same 7t grade math class at Baylor. One day we had words and a fight erupted, quickly stopped by Major Moore, our instructor. After this incident, I had little to do with John until this past October, when he appeared at our 45th reunion. As the event coordinator, I wanted to chat with everyone in attendance, so I walked over to John, who immediately showed me his books. I bought the first volume and told him that I would buy the others if this one inspired me to do so. It did in a most compelling way!!!!!!!!!!
His frank, detailed descriptions of his life's experiences are simply unbelievable. Several of the Chattanooga names mentioned are or were friends of mine, and John's straight forward, in your face writing makes for some of the best nonfiction writing I have experienced.
I am now in my second reading of each volume, and I'm still amazed at his experiences. Go get yours today. Cadillac Dave will certainly become a classic tale of the Age of Aquarius, whether you were of the conservative bent, a long haired hippie, or something in between! John and I are now friends, and we visit when he's in town.

west oehmig more than 10 years ago

John Wheeler's Cadillac Dave books are Wonderful

If you are looking for something to read that will keep you turning pages, you have found the right book. Cadillac Dave is a Chattanoogan, was raised by wonderful parents but took the wrong road in life. His troubles began as a child and he eventually ended up smuggling drugs and running from the police. But that "run" takes you all over the country and into the underground of drug smugging in the 60's and 70's. In the end, he is redeemed and has lived the life of a Christian for many years. Like I said, if you want to read something that will keep you turning the pages and is a truly inspiring story, this is the book for you.

Dee Massey more than 10 years ago

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