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DRINK: Beast + Barrel

Chattanooga’s finest gastropub is the locally owned and operated Beast + Barrel, located across the river in North Chattanooga, conveniently  right on the free electric shuttle route. So whether you're traveling by car, on foot, on via the ...

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There’s nothing that hits home quite like some good comfort food. Now combine that with excellent service and staff that care about their guests. If it were possible to plug that into your GPS, you’d end up at Mike’s Tavern off Hwy 153 in Hixson. Read more

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Walking into The Tap House feels a bit like walking into an old friend’s house. After ordering a drink, you can sink into one of the large, soft couches to chat and curl up, hands wrapped around your glass. In the corner, there’s a stack of board ... Read more

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Every year, St. Patrick’s Day brings a lot of green, a lot of leprechauns, a lot of drinks, and a lot of celebrating. While we can’t promise the leprechauns, the good news is there’s plenty of green and plenty of drinks to go around, which is ... Read more

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