About The Pulse

The Pulse is Chattanooga's Weekly Alternative, covering news, music, art, culture and politics in Chattanooga since 2003.

The Pulse publishes each Thursday and is distributed free at more than 200 locations and is available in the downtown area outside or inside many of the most popular restaurants, nightclubs and bars in the city.

Our scope extends outward to all sections of the Chattanooga metro area, including Hixson, Brainerd, Red Bank, East Ridge and the Hamilton Place Mall area, Ooltewah and Cleveland, as well as North Georgia.

Comprehensive yet curated listings are a brand staple of The Pulse, offering our readers a weekly guide to the best in music, arts and happenings around Chattanooga. Our cover stories and features highlight the city's most fascinating people, creatives, artists, musicians and entrepreneurs with our own alternative perspective in the fine tradition of alternative newsweeklies around the country.

The Pulse marked its 13th anniversary in 2016 and continues to grow, reaching the coveted young professional demographic and offering a true alternative to the city's mainstream media. In 2008, The Pulse was purchased by Brewer Media, which operates six radio stations in Chattanooga and also offers comprehensive digital media products to its clients.


Gary Poole
Managing Editor

Jenn Webster
Assistant Editor

Alex Curry
City Editor

John DeVore
Film Editor

Marc T. Michael
Music Editor


Mike Baskin
Sales Manager

Rick Leavell
Account Executive


The Pulse
1305 Carter St.
Chattanooga, TN 37402
Phone: (423) 265.9494
Fax: (423) 266-2335
Email: info@chattanoogapulse.com
Calendar: calendar@chattanoogapulse.com


President & Publisher: James Brewer, Sr.


The Pulse is published weekly by Brewer Media and is distributed throughout the city of Chattanooga and surrounding communities. The Pulse covers a broad range of topics concentrating on culture, the arts, entertainment and local news. The Pulse is available free of charge, limited to one copy per reader. No person without written permission from the publishers may take more than one copy per weekly issue. The Pulse may be distributed only by authorized distributors. © 2019 Brewer Media

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