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WaterWays Works To Educate The Public About Local Watershed Issues

For the past 15 years, WaterWays has strived to educate the public about local watershed issues and sustainable community solutions. Watershed health is critical to every member of the community. They ...

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East Lake Montessori started in the summer of 2016 with a group of parents from New City East Lake Church and Bethany Lane, a Montessori teacher and ELM’s founder. They are a part-time Montessori preschool ... Read more

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The Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee has been providing necessary services for people impacted by epilepsy in the community since 1977. They do this largely through their programs ... Read more

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Dust off that wedding, prom, or bridesmaid dress, or anything fabulous in your closet for an evening full of food, fun, and fashions from the past. The Moth Ball by CityScope is now the largest single event ... Read more

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A decade ago in 2013, LaDarius Price founded PEAK, which stands for “Placing Emphasis Around Kids”, an organization dedicated to the healthy development of young men and women in underserved areas ... Read more

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Founded in 2019, Culture Books has been working to bridge the gaps between literacy and culture by creating safe spaces where culture, community and creativity can be shared to connect people and ... Read more

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Founded in 2018, Linda's Gift is dedicated to helping children and families in low poverty communities. The organization is named in honor of Linda Davis Franklin, who had dedicated her life to helping and motivating ... Read more

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