December 1, 2011

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Among the MainX24 events, Planet 
Altered’s gallery on Main Street will host a very unusual and rewarding art opening featuring diverse works from one of Chattanooga’s most creative families. The name of this show is “Patterns”, and it will focus on patterns that we encounter in our lives.

Although this show is not listed on the MainX24 advance cards, it will open on Saturday, Dec. 3, and run through the end of January 2012. The wide diversity of media presented will provide much interest, and viewers will be able to compare works ranging from architectural drawings to quilts, including scientific data scans as well as paintings and photographs.

Probably the best-known artist of this family, Daud Ahkriev has recently completed his statuary installation at First Street by Market Street, where the large figures “Fall” and “Winter” stand tall on adjoining pedestals. The whole “Four Seasons” installation can now easily be viewed together, where the first statues, “Spring” and “Summer” flank the entrance to the Market Street Bridge.

“Fall” and “Winter” are dramatic and voluptuous, perched on spheres, indicating their pervasive and intense influences on our planet. Nature’s seasons transform the context of our lives, and they continually inspire artists.

Daud Ahkriev has been best known as a painter, and his more recent paintings have shown startling conceptual developments that have heightened the impact of his work. His development of the Market Street sculptural group has been wonderfully received. These figures show a beautiful intricacy that sustains multiple views.

Ahkriev’s son Timor Ahkriev has been showing his paintings at the AVA Gallery on Frazier Avenue. A number of landscapes show his stylistic versatility. Both Daud and Timor Ahkriev will contribute paintings to the family exhibition at Planet Altered.

Devon Kronenberg will present a remarkable “abstract” painting in a purple tonality from oil and sand. “DSCF2044.JPG” (2009) actually represents a pixilated computer image, so in this rather unique approach abstraction and representation converge through a mathematical process. Though purple is the dominant tonality in this work, there are other tones, and the medium of mixed oil and sand promises an engaging texture. Devon Kronenberg has also been engaged with other styles, and his landscapes and urban facades are fine accomplishments.

Devon’s father Craig Kronenberg will be bringing both architectural drawings and a maquette of an imaginary high-rise building. Although Kronenberg did design high rises that were built in the Philippines, this particular building remained in its potential state.

Heidi Hefferlin is married to Craig Kronenberg, and their architectural firm has produced a significant impact on downtown Chattanooga. From the shuttle bus stop shelters to Renaissance Park to the new look of Warehouse Row, many Chattanoogans are familiar with their work. Heidi Hefferlin will also present architectural drawings.

Another son, Ray Kronenberg, will be showing his photographs. He is the namesake of Ray Hefferlin, a physicist who will bring diagrams of diatomic molecules, offering a look into the very small scale of our natural world. Ray Hefferlin is Heidi Hefferlin’s father.

Celebrated painter Melissa Hefferlin (married to Daud Ahkriev, stepmother to Timor) will also bring work to this show. Her oil painting “Taking Tea” was added to the Hunter Museum’s collection in 2010. Her often lightly toned and sometimes whimsical subjects have been endeared to Chattanoogans for some time now.

Inelda Hefferlin and Lorene Powers have quilts hanging at this opening. The art of quilting has been gaining wider recognition in both the folk and fine art realms.

Finally, Jennifer Harrell will present a farm master plan of great interest, especially to those who realize the importance of land use.

Such an accomplished family show ought to be a great delight for art lovers. Be sure to attend!


Opening Dec. 3 during MainX24

10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Planet Altered, 48 E. Main St.

(423) 400-4100.


December 1, 2011

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