September 6, 2012

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"A Jett High Night,” a benefit for Chattanooga radio legend Tommy Jett on Saturday, Sept. 8, at the Zan Guerry Clubhouse & Gardens, promises to be a “night like no other” in an effort to aid the former DJ in his ongoing health battle following an April car accident.

Jett became a household name in the 1960s beginning with his work as DJ at the Top 40 giant WFLI and quickly ascended to local celebrity status and on-air heartthrob. He formally retired in 2009, but until his recent illness hosted the weekly “Tommy Jett Good Time Oldies Rock and Roll Variety Show” on his website,  

The 71-year-old suffered a seizure, which resulted in a one-car accident in April. The injuries sustained from the accident left Jett in critical condition, leading to subsequent hospital visits and health scares throughout the summer. Jett was readmitted to the hospital in early July due to complications from a previous surgery and was reported to be in “very critical condition,” but has since returned home for further recovery.

“A Jett High Night” will feature performances by The Beaters, Jimmy Tawater, Charley Yates, Summer Hullender, Thom Cavin and Tim Starnes. For ticket information visit


September 6, 2012

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