August 23, 2012

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Let it not be said that design—specifically the fine art of type design—goes unnoticed in our State of the Arts issue. Chattanooga’s own typeface, Chatype—the first typeface designed specifically for an American city—is now featured as our headline typeface after being issued for use by its designers, Jeremy Dooley and Robbie De Villiers, and the rest of the Chatype team, Jonathan Mansfield and D.J. Trischler.

The family of fonts—which comes in thin, regular, medium and bold faces—is free, but designers De Villiers and Dooley are maintaining ownership to maintain its geographic specificity. In other words, while anyone can use it, they ask that is be used for Chattanooga-specific intentions and make some recommendations. For instance, if you are a politician, don’t use it. Likewise, if you are a business, don’t use it for your logo. If you are not from Chattanooga, well, don’t use it all. Trust us—that’s not a good idea. Otherwise: download at

We at The Pulse love this slab serif (type design geek speak) and are now employing it as our basic headline face, because, well, it’s a beautiful font—and we’re all about fonts and Chattanooga. Now, guys, how about that Hixson typeface?


August 23, 2012

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what if ...?

You clearly recommend specifice uses and non-uses for the font.
But here is my moral dilemma!
I am applying for a job in Chattanooga, and interested in re-locating my family if hired for this position.
Under these circumstances, would you say it proper form to use Chatype in my cover letter?
I believe so and intend to use it, but what is your position?
Steve S.

Steve Seifried 361 days ago


Great. But why do we have to watch some stupid video before we can d/l it?

Jahn more than 1 years ago

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