March 7, 2013

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In January, we covered the rising popularity of Sugar Babies, most notably in the burst of enrollment from UTC students. Now, the hookup site behind the Sugar Baby/Daddy connection, has released data revealing the popularity of Sugar relationships in sororities and fraternities. The new study polled 9,000 members and determined 1-in-3 Sugar Babies claim sorority affiliation, while 1-in-2 Sugar Daddies claim fraternity affiliation.

A list detailing the fraternities and sororities most likely to be  nests for Sugar Babies or Sugar Daddies included many Greek organizations at our beloved institution of higher learning. Six of UTC’s fraternities made the list: Alpha Phi Alpha, Sigma Chi, Phi Delta Theta, Pi Kappa Alpha, Kappa Sigma and Lambda Chi Alpha. Four UTC Panhellenic sororities made the list as well, including Delta Zeta, Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi and Kappa Delta. This list was not specific to UTC and does not mean Greek life (or the campus in general) is filled with Sugar.

“Women in sororities are taught early on that it isn’t just what you know, but who you know,” said Brandon Wade, CEO of Seeking Arrangement. “The Sugar Baby lifestyle exposes you to all the right people, in the same way a sorority does.”

Wade also weighed in on former frat boys living the sweet life saying, “Fraternities began as secret societies for affluent and well-connected men. It’s only natural that they would convert into the Sugar Daddy-ism.”

After researching Sugar Daddies in Chattanooga, a few especially notable characters popped up. Unfortunately, their fraternity affiliations are unknown, but odds are they were once members. One user, “Nashgent,” states his net worth is up to $10 million, yet his monthly budget for Sugar is between $1,000 and $3,000. Obviously he never learned to put some of his income into a “just-for-fun” fund.

“Todd,” 35, from Chattanooga, sports a picture of himself next to the 007 “Skyfall” promo standup at the movie theater. He actually does favor Daniel Craig, however it’s a little pretentious to assume you’re the original Sugar Daddy to ambitious young super-spies.  

But the top local Sugar Daddy I found was “tnsxyguy.” The name alone elicits mystery and intelligence. His net worth is between $2 and $5 million and his budget is negotiable. This Daddy has a picture of himself next to the Playboy Mansion “tours start here” sign, a snapshot with two half-dressed (and likely intoxicated twentysomethings) on a boat and—best of all—photos of what I imagine to be his front porch, garden and hot tub. A great fit for a sorority girl to fulfill her “Bachelor” fantasies without going on national television.

After all, when you’re planning to buy some Sugar, you might as well spend big or stay home.


March 7, 2013

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