March 21, 2013

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The coveted title of Miss Cheerwine is up for grabs again, but winning this year’s crown will be tough because the competition opened applications to five more semi-Southern states. (Maryland? West Virginia? D.C.? Let’s be honest, y’all are Yankees, but whatever.)

Sweet gals hoping to become Miss Cheerwine must reflect the bubbly effervescence of the sparkly red soda in their energetic personality. If you’ve never heard of Cheerwine before, it is a quintessentially Southern type of “Coke,” as some folks call it, akin to cherry cola. It was developed in 1917 by a North Carolina general store manager and has been popular in mom-and-pop diners ever since. The fact that we also never hear about it until these annual crownings says something. Suffice it to say that Double Cola has nothing to worry about.

This is the third annual search for a new face for the brand, and smart, charitable young ladies between the ages of 21 and 29 are encouraged to apply. Duties  include representing the brand at various media events, athletic games and concerts. However, it is most important that she “spread the bubbly goodness that is Cheerwine.” After all, if Cheerwine can’t solve your problems, nothing can! Of course, there’s always anti-depressants, but we digress.

Applicants are required to submit photographs and an essay detailing why they ought to be the next Miss Cheerwine. Three finalists will be selected and posted to the brand’s Facebook page, leaving America to decide who will represent the beloved soda.

While some may think this is a smaller title in comparison to some “Miss-So-And-So” crowns out there, winning Miss Cheerwine could be the stepping stone you’re looking for if you dream of becoming the one and only Miss America (and then Miss Universe) for a year. Can you say gateway title?

If you’re looking for a little sip of happiness yourself, Cheerwine can be found in Chattanooga on the shelves of Walmart (sorry we didn’t notice, but we almost never shop there). Pop open a can of goodness and consider how Cheerwine is not just a drink—it’s a way of life. The deadline to apply is April 4, and we wish all the hopefuls from Tennessee the best of luck as they pursue their dreams. Burp.


March 21, 2013

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