July 19, 2012

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This week, we celebrate the cultural wellspring that is North Georgia. First, the region spewed forth Lauren Alaina, last seen at Riverbend and soon headlining the Dalton Red Carpet Half Marathon. Now, Ringgold brings us “Small Town Security,” a new reality series on AMC that follows the office shenanigans of JJK Security & Investigation and its over-sexed owner. Oh, the bounty!

The show debuted last Sunday, following the premiere of the final season of “Breaking Bad.” According to The Huffington Post, the series explores work-a-day life at the small, family-run security company. Its star—and the firm’s owner—Joan Koplan dreams of stardom (and sex), declaring her life’s mission to be “either a police officer or a celebrity.”

“I find myself to be fascinating,” Koplan, 61, the one-time host of a Ringgold Public Access show that was cancelled, in part, due to Koplan’s salty language, told

Known for her wildly inappropriate commentary around the office, Koplan also told the website she is “wild, especially sexually ... I think about sex 24 hours a day.”

Following the exploits of a sex-crazed, cigar-chomping egomaniac like Koplan alone might be reason to tune in—but there’s more. The cast includes Dennis “The Lieutenant” Croft, the ex-military man who dreams of turning the team into an “elite force;” Koplan’s husband, Irwin, a salesman in the Herb Tarlek mode; Christa Stephens, the inept secretary and cosmetologist; Brian Taylor, the house dick and straight-arrow who Joan eyes; and Lambchop, Koplan’s beloved, aging Chihuahua.

This latter-day “Carter Country” may not intrigue locals half as much as it has critics who previewed the series, but it’s a masterstroke of publicity for the beleaguered burg. And with “Breaking Bad” as its lead-in, those with no job might even stay up to watch.

—Bill Ramsey


July 19, 2012

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Home Town Security

I love this show! But my husband and I are confused if this is real, or a comedy.??? We love it either way!

Sandra more than 1 years ago

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