Taking Back the Desperation Zone



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Payday lending

Prices convey information, so if you think these lenders are charging too much, go into the business and compete with them. Competition forces prices down, so if you keep new ones from opening, you're letting the existing ones charge more than they could otherwise...

--a problem not limited to payday lending, of course; greedy people love to get the government to protect them from potential competitors. Do you acknowledge this problem?

Yeah, the service they offer--and it is a service--is offered on bad terms. Offer better. How often liberalism means rich people taking choices away from poor people! A housing inspector comes in from his suburb, does his job condemning a shabby house, and forces poor people to find another place to live. The men who wrote the laws the inspector enforces congratulate themselves on loving the poor. Their damnation is just. Let them repent and become libertarians, and help Habitat house the poor (as Jimmy Carter does).

Wendy Dibble-Lohr more than 8 years ago


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