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Stream Rights

Sandy Kurtz is so right in her concern that legislation such as the Clean Water Act only regulate the amount of and degree to which nature may be exploited by unscrupulous people. She is also right to point out that all nature is connected; when developers pollute the water without hindrance everyone suffers, whether or not politicians and others recognize it. Well said, Sandy.

Tim McDonald more than 1 year ago

Biosolids IS Sewage Sludge

**As long as the US EPA keeps their ill-conceived CFR 40 - 503’s in place, dumping industrial, medical, storm, and household barley processes and tested sewage sludge, trying to protect your rivers is an act of futility. By the way your US Congress opened the door on this while creating the “clean water act of 1977” which is a joke on the American people. It rates right up there with global warming.
**Currently Slate Belt Pennsylvania is fighting to keep Synagro, sewage sludge, dumper from creating a plant that would process and dump some of the most contaminated industrial, medical ,storm and household sewage sludge, biosolids, from NY and Baltimore all over Pennsylvania They will only tell the farmers of your state what is required by the US EPA which is minimal to get buy in.
Guess what folks, the EPA has not updated it propriety pollutant list since 1981.
Talk a look at the following from the very agency that calls biosolids “safe” The US EPA and your own state EPA.
**Biosolids is a made up name by the sewage industry to lull the public into believing it is "safe" and beneficial. Biosolids are NOT safe.
Biosolids are derived from industrial, medical, storm and household sewage.
**US EPA 40 CFR 261.30(d) and 261.33 (4): (Every US industry connected to a sewer can discharge any amount of hazardous and acute hazardous waste into sewage treatment plants.) There are over 80,000 chemicals in commerce and growing even today. It ends up in biosolids which is broadcasted over forest, farms and even bags taken to the consumers home
**US EPA Office Inspector General (OIG) puts out Report # 14-P-0363 in 09/2014
**Google and read it for yourself. To sum up, industrial pre-treatment is not
working and has never worked and nothing has been done about it. It ends up in
biosolids and sewage plant effluent.
**So when you hear anyone from the multi-billion dollar sewage industry or anyone with monetary ties to any part of the sewage industry say the chemicals in biosolids are minimal and inconsequential or that they support composting with biosolids, ask them for any test showing the degree of hazard and concentrations of 80,000 chemicals that are found in biosolids or a composted biosolids like Milorganite from Milwaukee which looks like the same thing in the picture above.
**Chemicals that are persistent in the environment, bio-accumulate in people and/or wildlife, and are toxic are called PBTs and neurotoxins such as microcystin (a hemotoxin), phycotoxins, domoic acid, brevetoxin. Because of these features, as long as they remain in commerce and may therefore be released into the environment, they will threaten the health of humans, wildlife including aquatic life.
**Did I mention sewage sludge or biosolids spread on farms is loaded with unregulated phosphates. The main ingredient in proliferating algae.
Good Luck

Craig Monk more than 1 year ago

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