June 10, 2013

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Track 29


1400 Market Street, City of Chattanooga, Tennessee 37408

(423) 521-2929

(423) 266-7602

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    “What is music?”

    This was the question written in black marker on the whiteboard brothers Keaton and Wesley Stromberg (16 and 19 years old) and lifelong friend Drew Chadwick (20) kept in their Huntington Beach crash pad. This whiteboard had served as an artistic nerve center for the trio, on which they had plotted out songs, set goals and wrote mantras of inspiration. They were brainstorming for a new band name, and the word “Emblem” immediately struck the trio as something classic and symbolic, eternal. They had cycled through almost dozens of names in their time together; as Emblem3, they knew they had something definitive.

    ALL AGES SHOW** Anyone under 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian (21 & older) to the show. Both the underage and parent/guardian will be marked as underage therefore not allowed to purchase alcohol. Anyone 18 & older, Valid Photo ID Required.

    June 10, 2013