November 14, 2013

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The astonishing variety and rich flavors of Kabob-ster’s Mediterranean delicacies keep their customers coming back for more. New to Chattanooga as of August 21, Kabob-ster is the first authentic, fully Middle Eastern restaurant in the area. Working with local providers to find the freshest ingredients, Kabob-ster’s chefs create high-quality, high-end dishes—delicious food without the hassles (or exorbitant prices) of fine dining. Even the hummus is fresh, with no canned garbanzo beans.

Start with some veggie falafel, served with tahini sauce, burek, a pita stuffed with either ground beef or cheese and spinach, or grape leaves, stuffed with rice, parsley, and tomatoes and cooked in lemon juice and olive oil. Entrees include a selection of salads or hot meals.Those addictive classics, tabouli and Greek salads, are menu highlights. Delicious falafel, gyro, and kabob plates are served with sides and freshly baked tandoor or pita breads.  All meats are marinated, then seasoned and freshly cooked, so every saffron-marinated chicken kabob is charbroiled to perfection, and served with saffron-seasoned basmati rice. (For the adventurous, the chicken kabob can be ordered extra-spicy.) Possibly the most popular dish is the Kabob-ster Feast: a plate with three Kabob skewers on basmati rice with a side of hummus and Greek salad. Each skewer is different—one chicken, one beef tip, and one kufta, each with different seasonings.

Vegetarians have plenty of options too, from salads to seasoned, charbroiled vegetable kabobs, falafel, baba ghanouj, and grape leaves. The Vegetarian Sampler lets you try a variety of these. 

While most of the dishes are Lebanese, the folks at Kabob-ster wish to represent all types of Middle Eastern food on their menu. Their catering service is flexible, can be custom-created, and sometimes suggestions even make it to the everyday menu, such as Moroccan-style couscous.  Call ahead of time to plan your special events with a unique, Middle Eastern twist. Seniors (60 and over) receive a 10 percent discount on weekdays between 2 and 6 p.m., and Kabob-ster also offers a special Kids’ Menu.

If you’re running short on time, call (423) 475-5370 or text (423) 598-2500 ahead of time!  Then, enjoy your meal with no wait, in a calm, relaxed environment. Kabob-ster is colorful yet mellow, with deep yellow, orange and pale-green décor that evokes a far-away land, matching the rich, savory flavors of a culture halfway across the world.

1408 Gunbarrel Rd. (423) 475-5370,

November 14, 2013

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