November 28, 2013

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Our man on the barstool gets all thankful at Marco’s

UNLESS YOU’VE BEEN LIVING IN AN UNDERWATER CAVE for the last four weeks, you’re very aware that Thanksgiving is upon us. It’s not because of the grocery store ads or Food Network recipe shows, either. I’m talking Black Friday. It’s become its own holiday—and people that aren’t aware of the Internet are freezing their collective tootsies off standing in line for inexpensive electronics.

But that’s not me. I prefer the feast of roast beast and mounds of desserts. Turkey and dressing and green bean casserole and that weird green gelatin dessert with the fruit in it that Aunt Griselda makes every darn year are great. However, I usually plan ahead when filling the plate and save room for the most grand gourd concoction of the season: pumpkin pie.

By the time you read this, your belly is already full and you’re probably staring at a pile of leftovers. But I can’t wait that long right now, and I’m not much of a baker.

I found myself talking with Kevin at Marco’s in North Chattanooga Saturday afternoon and he proposed an interesting concept. Behind the bar was a long line of pretty blue bottles of Pinnacle Vodka and among the vast array of flavors was (ta-da!) Pumpkin Pie.

Pinnacle Vodka has been made in France since 2002 from the finest wheat grains from the Brie region and then sent over to us where it’s distributed to thirsty flavor lovers. Speaking of flavors, they have 30 of them. And they’ve thought of everything. This multiple-award-winning sprit comes in everything from Blueberry to Cotton Candy. (Yes, I said “Cotton Candy.”)  Since 2010, Pinnacle has been ranked the #1 Premium Spirit worldwide. It’s distilled five times! That makes this 70-proof beverage extremely pure, and smooth enough to stand on its own if you’re not the type for mixers. 

Now, Kevin’s wheels went to spinning and he spun out a Pumpkin Pie Martini with Pinnacle, half & half and Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and then sprinkled cinnamon dust on top. “Whadda ya mean its cold outside?” As if by magic, an empty glass is all that remained after I got a whiff of that one. I wonder if he can mix this up by the gallon. Just to add measure, Kevin shook up a straight Pumpkin Pie with ice and it does indeed stand on its own. We also gave it a try with coffee and whipped cream… I‘m tellin ya folks, you can’t really go wrong with this one.

Before I could curl up for a long, happy nap, Kevin had another trick up his sleeve that he wanted to demonstrate. Pinnacle “Whipped” is the brand’s not-so-secret weapon. It is their best-selling flavor by a country mile and has won all kinds of awards. This vanilla-and-cream is light and sweet, just like the real whipped cream that tops every dessert on the table this Thursday.

Before the “Guy Police” have a chance to drop by and check my Man Card, Kevin went Labowski. “Careful, man, there’s a beverage here!”  He created a White Russian using the Whipped to show that with it, you only need the actual cream in order to make it…white. The Pinnacle Whipped carries the flavor that well.

With 30 flavors, the possibilities are nearly limitless. has a 71-page recipe book you can download to get started. You can look it up on the Internet—if you’re not camping out for Black Friday.



November 28, 2013


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