Mayor Berke Speaks About Shelter-In-Place Order



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Prepper Store

They shut it down....said it was non essential.
Freeze dried food and medical supplies......and masks.
This should be the time for booming business.
They are cooking the books and this is most certainly a political virus.

The Lovely Lover Lisa Page 269 days ago

Auto Sales....

You want people to stay home as much as possible, but you allow every auto dealer in town to continue selling cars... I understand critical repair and service, but allowing these greedy dealers to stay open and try to sell cars is completely undermining to the shelter in place order... not to mention all the showroom employees, salesmen, secretaries, etc... that come into contact with people on a daily basis. Requiring them to come in to work is dangerous to their health right now and for what? So that people who should be staying at home can go buy a nice car? How many strangers get in and out of these vehicles, touching coughing, breathing... there’s no way to know what all they touched and the salesmen can’t/won’t wipe EVERY interior surface. The worst part is, most of these employees don’t have health insurance b/c they are part time or commission based. When their job requiring them to come in and sell cars gets them fighting for their life in a hospital, they will be stuck with the bill! My friend works at a Chattanooga dealership and he says they have been getting tons of car wash and detail orders during this time... thank God all of these places are open during this tough time... what would people do if they weren’t able to get their car washed?

Kevin S 282 days ago

Fast food

Shelter in place is a joke. I've seen more parents with car loads of young children stopping in our drive thru. There is only about two feet between employees and customers, so the six feet social distancing is impossible.

Lea Ridge 286 days ago


Gov bill lee says he is still considering opening tn on april 14th. Will that also happen in Chattanooga? Child care centers, massage nail and hair salons, tattoo parlors, eating inside?

Caitlin Summey 286 days ago

Small business

I think it would be a help if you had a hotline for small business so they could get information on how to apply for these grants to help them cause one person says this and another says that

Carlos Jones 287 days ago

Shelter in place

This is a laugh. I have seen more cars on the road since this was ordered. I was under the impression that the only time you should get out was if you are an “essential worker” or in need of supplies for survival(food, medicine). I have seen more people out and about while I am going to my essential job. At this rate, we will not be able to resume our lives in a more normal way until this summer. STAY AT HOME! I would love to be buying flowers or shopping, but I know the dangers of this virus. People are going out with gloves on thinking that will help. Do you realize that you are touching things that other people have touched? Then you are using you gloved hand to touch your wallet, your credit cards, your car door, and your steering wheel. You are only cross contaminating everything you touch. Stay at home unless it is something you really NEED, not want.
It’s easy to make a statement telling people to stay at home so we can try to stop this virus. The hard part is to actually enforce what you say. It’s like a parent passively telling their child not to do something over and over. Then when the child does it and gets hurt, the parents is upset with the outcome. The parent could have used their authority from the beginning to stop the action. Instead, they wanted to be a friend and not hurt the child’s feelings. Well it’s time for our leaders to take a stand and enforce the quarantine. Without some form of enforcement, we will see more of our loved ones and friends die from this virus.

ADY 287 days ago

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