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Cosmic Bliss From The Land Down Under

Extraordinarily venomous spiders and snakes, crocodiles, sharks, Paul Hogan…little wonder that Australia has garnered the reputation of being “the place where everything wants to kill you.” Well, almost everything. Psychedelic garage band Money ...

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If your allegiance is hovering between word and rhythm, between tone and timbre, you’ll find your sweet spot at Jazz MEETS Hip Hop at The Camp House on Saturday. Jazz MEETS Hip Hop is hosted by RISE Chattanooga (formerly known as Jazzanooga), a ... Read more

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The American-born saxophonist John Dikeman is known as a ferocious and creative improviser in groups including Cactus Truck and Universal Indians and as a part of the Dutch jazz/improv scene. The celebrated Dutch musician Ernst Glerum is a ... Read more

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Geologist (real name: Brian Weitz) from Animal Collective will perform an uncommon solo set in Chattanooga on April 21—just one of around 20 solo performances he’s ever done. Making his Chattanooga debut, his set will be a part of the two-day ... Read more


While some incredible music originates from the fabulous Scenic City, occasionally it is nice to show love to the regional artists out there making some noise in the music world. Coming out of Nashville is the righteous LP Earthling by Zachary ... Read more

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One of the more tiresome tropes of films and television sees the hapless protagonist trying to make an impression on another character by pretending to be something they aren’t. This fails catastrophically and then the best friend/guardian angel ... Read more


Fresh off the release of their collaborative album What Is To Be Done, the distinguished ensemble of Nels Cline, Larry Ochs, and Gerald Cleaver are an unlikely trio of radical jazz improvisation. Audiences never know what to expect with this trio ... Read more

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