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Naggin’ On My Mind

Say, have you heard of that hot new blues act, GA-20? No? That’s okay, neither had I until a day or so ago. That’s okay, too, because while I love music, and I try to write about it honestly and sincerely, I am not one of those people who can ...

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A talented and remarkable musician in his own right, Jake Shimabukuro arose to popularity through covering popular songs on YouTube. His most distinguished, a cover of The Beatles’ single “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, has accumulated over 16 ... Read more

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Stringer’s Ridge Band bridges the span between old world and new with their masterful blend of Celtic folk, old time music, and string band tunes. And this Friday you can hear them up close and personal at OddStory Brewing Company at 336 E. MLK. Read more

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The general perception of the tuba is that it’s useful for comical sound effects—think of the brass tune that gets played on The Price Is Right after a contestant loses a game—or creating a soundtrack for parades of creatures of impressive girth. Read more

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I’d like to tell you I was a fan of Camper Van Beethoven in the eighties. I’d like to, but I can’t. I wasn’t remotely that cool. My musical tastes then were dictated entirely by what was in easy grasp, which wasn’t much considering the town I ... Read more


In one of the most genuinely interesting and exciting artistic competitions to come along, The Camp House on MLK Blvd. presents Songwriters Stage 2019 next Tuesday, February 19th. Tuesday's performance is one of a series of five events in the ... Read more

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