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Skip To The Devil’s Music

Ever since Robert Johnson supposedly made his way to the crossroads, the notion of a young musician trading his immortal soul for talent has been a staple of music lore. With his latest entry, the delightfully devilish Holy Smokes!!, Skip Frontz ...

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The new perennial chestnut “Guys, guys, listen, Die Hard is a Christmas movie!” awakes from its hibernation every December to appear on social media, seemingly heralded as a Nobel Prize-worthy revelation and discovery. Despite centering on Santa ... Read more

Record Reviews

Oweda, the five-piece outfit from Chattanooga, has been building a sterling reputation at all of the area’s favorite music haunts including Clyde’s, JJs, Tremont, WanderLinger, and Songbirds to name just a few. The truth is, you don’t get to play ... Read more


The always “hot as a two dollar pistol” 9th Street Stompers are playing a free show this Friday at the Tremont Tavern. With their winning combination of vintage early ‘20s (1920s that is) and modern influences, the Stompers are a perennial ... Read more

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The electronic methods used on Wobbly’s new album Monitress remind this critic of the “telephone” party game, where a person whispers a phrase to another person who repeats the phrase to another person until the last person says it aloud; usually ... Read more

Record Reviews

I first heard Swayyvo at STIR’s Sunday brunch and his skills on the sax elevated my slow-moving mentality more than my biscuits and gravy. As refreshing and intoxicating as my day drink, Swayyvo on the saxophone was an unexpected audible pleasure ... Read more


Chattanooga has seen a number of new music festivals plant roots in the city, while some of our longer running festivals have seen changes. And one of the longest running Christian music festivals continues to grow. After much success at their ... Read more

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