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If Pink Floyd Were Country

One of the most enjoyably frustrating parts of this job is finding words to describe music that doesn’t fit neatly into a recognizable genre. This has been an especially enjoyable morning, as Drew Gibson’s latest album, Shipbuilder, defies ...

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Jordan Hallquist is a singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Chattanooga. He began singing in his church at the age of three and was playing guitar by the time he turned twelve. His love for music runs deep, starting with his grandmother ... Read more

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Our fair city’s most cuddly psychopaths are at it again this Saturday as River City Rumpus presents the return of SummerWeen! It’s going to be a veritable Weirdmageddon of sideshow and burlesquery, with the talents of international stars Cut ... Read more

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The itinerant couple of itta (from South Korea) and Marqido (from Japan) comprises the group TENGGER, formerly known as “10” and since renamed after their son RAAI was born; when pronounced, the new band name means “sky” in Mongolian and “sea” in ... Read more

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I’m getting old. I wear glasses to see things that are near, I wear different glasses to see things that are far, and if I don’t wear glasses, well, I don’t see so well at all. That’s my excuse, anyway. When the email came in about the upcoming ... Read more


Insane Clown Posse is coming to Chattanooga this Sunday, and if you are not sure who or what that is, buckle in. ICP is a hardcore hip-hop group based out of Detroit whose style is specifically classified as “horrorcore” because of their elaborate... Read more

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Plenty of music this week, but two shows stand out in particular as “can’t miss ‘ems.” The first is this Thursday at JJ’s Bohemia featuring the assembled talents of The Hollywood Horses and Obliviots. The Hollywood Horses—an award-winning band ... Read more

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