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One of the rare talents of the creative force behind Burly Temple, one I greatly admire, is the ability to shift easily between genres. Here is a fellow whose day planner (those are still a thing?) would read something like, “Monday: Write and ...



So far this holiday season we’ve fluctuated from unseasonably warm days to a wave of brisk, frost-dusted mornings. Me, I’m looking forward to a constant chill dedicated to gloves, hats, and winter vibes, and it seems Seaux Chill and Friends are ... more

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It’s that most special season when yearly customs give way to annual traditions and the return of the War on Xmas is one of them. On December 25th, the best and only solution to your menstrual Krampus is a night at JJ’s Bohemia on MLK with your ... more

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The Oakland, Calif. hip-hop duo FR333—comprised of rapper MADlines (Maddy Clifford) and producer/musician XOA (Alexandra Howard)—has two self-coined names for the music it makes. The first is “Goddess Trap,” acknowledging the influence of ... more

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Old hippie musicians never die, they just recompose. Darol Anger will be well-known to some. As a founding member of the Dave Grisman Quintet, Anger has made his mark on a particular genre of music. He may be somewhat less well-known to the ... more


When people ask me what I do, I tend to give the same answer; “I’m a writer and editor.” But one man with so many titles he couldn’t possibly list them in a casual conversation is Thollem McDonas. “A perpetually traveling pianist, keyboardist ... more

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