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Barking Legs Gears Back Up With Drive In Dancing

While Barking Legs hasn't yet set a date for resuming live events at the theater, founder Ann Law has come up with an innovative way to present a live performance while maintaining social distancing guidelines: using the ...

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SoundCorps is now accepting applications for the upcoming Craft Masters eight-week music industry intensive course. Ten class members will be accepted to the music business accelerator program ... Read more

News & Notes

Nightfall, considered by many Chattanoogans to be a treasured ritual of summer for the past 32 years, will continue to keep its brand and its music in the public eye with an amended schedule for 2020 ... Read more


The Songbirds Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its new online curriculum and student learning portal. As a part of the Foundation’s Guitars for Kids program, the “Learn Guitar” series provides over 30 instructional ... Read more


The “Redeem the Time Project” originally started as the brainchild of musician Joel Harris, and quickly turned into a collaboration between more than a dozen different musicians and artists here in Chattanooga. Read more


In order to hover motionless, a hummingbird must beat its wings 70 times per second. The same can be said of Burly Temple, a band that seemingly releases 70 albums per second but only manages to hover in place without ... Read more

Record Reviews

As promised, Barking Legs is getting up and going with live events in cyberspace. There may be some technical challenges, but we hope you'll be part of our community of online artistry. There will be a mix of familiar faces with ... Read more


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