Alexis Waterman

Earth Day is upon us once again, though to judge by what’s been happening in Washington, DC, one would think certain politicians would like nothing better than to rename it “Destroy The Earth Day”. But luckily for us here in the Scenic City ... Read more

Between The Bridges

With the weather warming, women all around town are shaking off their post-winter doldrums, lacing up their skates, and heading out for some fast-paced, in-your-face roller derby action. The Chattanooga Roller Girls will be taking the track for ... Read more

The Bowl

Over the past weekend, President Donald Trump wandered off script during a campaign rally for Sen. Luther Strange in Alabama to take aim at a group of people who dared to express their displeasure with a certain aspect of American life. Read more

Between The Bridges

The Chattanooga Public Library recently crossed an amazing new threshold. In the past year, they have circulated over one million items to Chattanooga borrowers! This means library patrons are actively checking out a broad selection of material ... Read more

Between The Bridges

We’ve all heard the commercials: “It’s time to go play in the yard.” And while the winter months are not exactly the prime gardening season, come this January you can take part in a transformative experience that goes far beyond mere ... Read more

Between The Bridges

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