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Ben Frost warps genres, The Soundcarriers are minty fresh more »

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The enigmatic musician and artist Ben Bennett has a mind-bogglingly wide variety of fascinating work that covers both poles of extremes. As a percussionist, his improvised performances are wild ... more »

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Open mic nights can generate a wide range of reactions, from eagerness to be the first to hear a brilliant, undiscovered talent or, “Oh no, it’s open mic night? I just want to eat my burger in peace.” Then there’s the showcase ... more »

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Authenticity is overrated. Consider the modern songwriter externally compelled to draw from personal stories and experiences, conveying an unspoken false purity through the sole use of acoustic ... more »

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The members of the Chattanooga quartet Lacing have previously covered diverse genres such as metalcore, pop-rock, instrumental hip-hop, hard rock, noise and ambient music, but they all converged ... more »

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Form A Log and Moth Cock team up on one album, while Jameszoo gets his minimalist jazz working more »

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Effective art spaces are versatile places that can encourage transformation—both physical and conceptual—and with a flick of a finger. Artist Matthew Dutton has turned a closed Southside wine shop into the ... more »

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The strange, beautiful world of a performance from Cher Von, the nom de plume of Chervon Koeune, mixes reveries of otherworldly, breathtaking wordless vocals and sounds made from found materials, with ... more »

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Photographer William Johnson has proven to be one of the most adept documenters of the local music scene, capturing its energy and colorful personalities with his piercing artistic vision, and his work has ... more »

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Sweden’s most prominent musical exports have come in the form of pop music, including that from international stars ABBA, Roxette, and Ace of Base and critic’s darlings The Knife and Jens Lekman, and Sweden is also ... more »

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Stereolab co-founder returns, Aziza Brahim speaks to the soul of refugees more »

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