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Edgar Allan Poe’s life and death were undoubtedly as melancholy as the works he wrote throughout his brief forty-year existence. These works and the characters contained within them help explain why Poe’s mind was as depressive as it was, but ... Read more

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When tragedy strikes, our emotions are often momentarily fixed in an air of confusion and grief. Moving forward, we attempt to recover, but doing so can be remarkably different for each of us. For BJ Barham, tragedy would motivate the singer ... Read more

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Remember the noir film D.O.A.? No longer abbreviated, “Dead on Arrival”—based on the 1949 classic film—is being updated with a Cold War themed stage production by Back Alley Productions at The Mars Theater in Lafayette, kicking off this weekend. Read more

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Corey Smith is no stranger to Chattanooga. The country singer and proclaimed “fan-made man” has made the city a regular stop on his extensive tours across the country. He even recorded a live album at Track 29 in 2012, simply titled Live in ... Read more

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