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What are you doing this Saturday? If you don’t know yet, the answer is: Going to Chattanooga Zine Fest 2018! Held at the downtown library from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Zine Fest is organized by Chattanooga Public Library along with UTC’s graphic ... Read more


Ashley Ewald, program manager for STEP TN (Syringe Trade and Education Program), Cempa Community Care’s harm reduction program, works with people in difficult circumstances, yet as I speak with her, she’s celebrating her job. Often, as she ... Read more

Business Briefs

There’s really nothing like a big swashbuckling battle where heroes shoot rainbow-colored jets of energy out of their fists, is there? Or maybe share dramatic smooshy-wooshy kisses all over the big screen? But possibly, just possibly, you’d like ... Read more


While the city core has been expanding its cultural offerings, Chattanooga east of the Brainerd Road tunnel is getting a little less love. However, private business owners are stepping into a space that can often seem like drive-through territory ... Read more


It’s 40 degrees. The sun is slanting westward in a Riesling-clear sky. Rush hour traffic piles up on MLK and hovers impatiently at the corner of Lindsay Street. On the concrete patio of the Camp House, dancer KG glides, drops into a low turn ... Read more

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Stepping through the Hunter Museum of American Art, Adera Causey, curator of education, has a smile on her face, a smile that extends through her whole body. She’s discussing the January 10th in-house performance “Dancing with Isadora,” a ... Read more


As a new year dawns, New Year’s Resolutions approach even faster. Drinking more water and reading more are repeat list makers, but one that always gets crossed off yet I keep putting back on is “Be More Of A Tourist”.  It’s a cold day in December ... Read more

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Just over a year ago, our State of the Arts: Dance cover story explored ways Chattanooga dancers are innovating through cross-genre collaboration. This year, we focus on steps we need to take to sustain dance as a professional art in the city. Read more

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It shouldn’t be a radical statement—yet a lot of times it feels that way. You. Are. Beautiful. Not only your soul, mind and heart, though those are lovely, too. The body that’s holding this issue of The Pulse right now is AMAZING. Are you convinced? Read more

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I start off with my dad, Jack McCormick, a civil engineer with deep knowledge of hydrogeology. We leave Soddy Daisy headed for Athens, where we’ll pick up I-75 and travel north. We pass ponds, cattails, loose chickens pecking in yards, barns in ... Read more

Day Trippin'

A guitar trills as paint-splattered statues breathe, spread their arms, clap! We’re up close, craning over shoulders. Travelers in 1930s-style trousers, button downs and suspenders rock and stomp along the aisle of the dining car. We’re elbowing ... Read more

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“HONK!”, the musical about the Ugly Duckling, has been around for a quarter of a century now. This July, Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga is staging a version that involves kids, trash, animals, dance, and, quite possibly, YOU! Read more

Between The Bridges

If you’re from the south and of a certain age, you probably remember mom-and-pop filling station-grocery combos, and especially the pickles they stocked. Pickled eggs, weirdly pink. Pickled pigs’ feet, looking like lab specimens. Pickled okra and ... Read more

Between The Bridges

As a book-lover, introvert (and 100 percent Ravenclaw), I understand why my fellow verbivores might want to give the Readers and Writers Fair a pass and well, just stay home and read. But after a talk with Ray Zimmerman, writer, reader and ... Read more


It’s almost too obvious a wordplay: the St. Elmo art gallery picks up on the chime with a series of events that “are LIT.” But in the case of LIT on Tennessee Avenue, the connection is merited. The gallery, focusing on tactile, installation, and ... Read more

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Will I meet someone tall, dark and handsome? Will I die a crazy plant lady, after all? Who would know the answers? A fortune teller, of course! Joking aside, I approached a conversation with Kali Meister—spiritual healer, empath, claircognizant ... Read more

Between The Bridges 1 Comments

You want to share your art—to create pop-up theater, a neighborhood dance happening, a public mural or installation, a beautifully curated butterfly garden at the corner of a park. But you’re just one person with a shovel or paintbrush. What’s ... Read more


If there was a Chattanooga poetic voice, it would rap while playing the mandolin or take a soothing sip of nettle tea before hollering into a mic in a bardic baritone. Clearly, there’s no such beast. But there is a distinct Chattanooga poetic ... Read more

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When we hear about a big data breach, it’s typically a big company struggling legal and PR implications. “What is this insurer doing to protect patients’ private health information? How will this big retailer settle with angry customers whose ATM ... Read more

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Brandon Carruth, owner and lead designer of Chatt Christmas, experienced a moment of bewilderment when he got the call. He’d applied for a dream job—to help decorate the White House for the holidays—and forgotten all about it. Read more


Maybe it’s the time of the year. At Walmart, the Day of the Dead merchandise smiles toothily—cheerful skeletons painted with roses and decked with jaunty top hats. When I see the Halloween décor, I think I should probably be doing some sort of ... Read more

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