Marc Michael

Celto-Eclectic And Proud of It

"It is a fact that no other Celtic group in the Southeast can come close to their version of the Swedish werewolf song, ‘Varulven’.” more »

Aug 7, 2014 12:00 AM Features

Get Ready to be Kicked by The Mule

Musical festival fans and southern rock aficionados rejoice! more »

Aug 7, 2014 12:00 AM News & Notes

Give Yourself the Gift of Whimsy

The first thing I thought when I listened to the album Sparky: The Album by Sparky: The Band was, “They Might Be Giants!” After a second, closer listening they still remind me of TMBG, and that’s pretty significant because ... more »

Nov 25, 2015 1:17 PM Features

Contemporary Folk? Progressive Rock?

Contemporary folk.” That’s what they call it, but the only thing contemporary in my estimation are the lyrics. The music is pure retro and pure gold. Jim Ramsey is his name, and his music has been elsewhere ... more »

Nov 18, 2015 12:12 PM Features

Putting Her Back In The Driver’s Seat

Ideally, the first few sentences of an article should encapsulate, to the extent that it is possible, what the article is specifically about.That’s why, despite having had plenty of time to write this, it is the ... more »

Nov 11, 2015 1:36 PM Features 1 Comments

Return To The Best of Folk Pop, Tribute To An Elfman Classic

Lathim & Young get ambitious, Nick Lutsko gets Halloweeny more »

Nov 11, 2015 1:33 PM Record Reviews

Dancing For Those Who Don’t Dance

This Saturday, Nov. 7, the Mirabai Bellydance troupe of Movement Arts Collective Studio will be very proud to present the seventh annual Fringe Benefit: Empowering Women Through Dance. more »

Nov 4, 2015 2:43 PM Features

Picking Up Their Lunar Fares

Nashville-based band Moon Taxi is coming to Chattanooga for Track 29’s Halloween Bash on Oct. 31. While it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when a band has “made it,” Moon Taxi is a group that is, at the very least, “making it.” more »

Oct 28, 2015 3:55 PM Features

Quintessential Bluegrass, Hell-Raising Rockabilly

Hamilton County Ramblers get it right, Skip Frontz & Co. get it scary more »

Oct 21, 2015 12:38 PM Record Reviews

WrestleHemia Comes To JJ’s Bohemia

This Friday and Saturday, Oct. 15 and 16, JJ's Bohemia is proud to announce the return of WrestleHemia. That’s a contraction of Wrestling and Bohemia, of course, and not “Wrestle Hernia” as I first suspected (although that isn’t being ruled out as more »

Oct 15, 2015 10:14 AM News & Notes

Genki Genki Panic Rides Wave Of Weird Wonderfulness

It has been five months since I first wrote about Chattanooga’s premier surf-horror group, Genki Genki Panic, and the luchadores de la guitarra have some new moves, a new EP and ... more »

Oct 14, 2015 3:03 PM Features

Matt Solo Takes The Mic And Owns It

The Chattanooga music scene is undergoing a hip hop renaissance as artist after artist keeps turning out bigger and better projects and generally displaying a level of skill and professionalism one wouldn’t expect ... more »

Oct 7, 2015 12:15 PM Features

Sideways in Time Is A Smooth, Mellow Listen

The indefatigable Jesse Jungkurth, man of a thousand side projects, has just finished his latest and possibly greatest. Sideways in Time is a project five years in the making ... more »

Sep 30, 2015 1:37 PM News & Notes 1 Comments

Delights of a Perfect Duo

It’s noon but the sky is gray, the window is streaked with rain and there is a chill in the late September air. It’s the kind of weather that isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I like it. I like that the line of demarcation between ... more »

Sep 30, 2015 1:37 PM Features 2 Comments

Transcending the Boundaries of World Music

On Sept. 26, Track 29 welcomes the incomparable Zoe Jakes and Beats Antique back to Chattanooga. It has been two years since the group once described as “not so much world music as music of the world” ... more »

Sep 16, 2015 1:15 PM Features

Hip Hop With an R&B Chaser

Until now, I have only been acquainted with Rock Floyd’s work as a producer, but that’s no small thing. The man is a perfectionist with a golden ear and has lent his considerable talents to a number of local performers ... more »

Sep 9, 2015 11:18 AM Features

Surf Night at Ziggy’s, Folk Night at JJ’s

The only drawback to the uptick in great music around Chattanooga is that you can’t be two places at the same time. There are two fantastic shows this Saturday night and seeing one means you’ll miss the other. more »

Sep 9, 2015 11:17 AM News & Notes

Ryan Oyer’s New Album Is Love Song To Love

Many words have been written about Ryan Oyer in the past few years, more than a few of them by me. For that reason I’m not going to dwell too much on the man more »

Sep 2, 2015 2:07 PM Features

Music Community Unites to Help Chris Scum

There will be a benefit show this Saturday night for veteran Knoxville punk rocker Chris Scum at Ziggy’s in North Chattanooga. more »

Sep 2, 2015 2:07 PM News & Notes

Gypsy Punk-Grass Classic, Take One

I’m not going to mince words. I’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while. Strung Like a Horse, the band that is not so much a band as a phenomenon, has completed their first full-length album and it is my great pleasure ... more »

Aug 26, 2015 12:22 PM Features

The Ramones of Jam Bands?

Joshua Griffith: musician, soundman, bartender and irresistibly likeable guy. He’s always smiling, always laughing, always quick with a joke. Over the years I have known him, his music has been an extension of that vibe. more »

Aug 19, 2015 12:05 PM Features